Famke Janseen confirms her involvement in the film

News that Knights of the Zodiac would win a live-action movie started circulating the internet a long time ago. The project, however, did not receive much news and was overlooked by many fans. Now, however, in an interview with Forbes, Famke Janseen (X-Men, How To Get Away With Murder) has confirmed that he is involved in the film and has confirmed that the recordings have been delayed due to the Covid pandemic. -19. .

Although he did not give details on the project or reveal who she will play, Famke has spoken about the production of the film:

“It’s based on an anime that was very popular in Europe, and they’re turning it into a movie. It is based on Greek mythology. We should start filming last year in Europe, but due to the pandemic we have already postponed it twice. So he stayed this year. Hope my fingers crossed everything will be fine.

Knights of the Zodiac live action is coming!

The actress was also asked how to deal with the uncertainty of the agenda, especially in the difficult times we live in.

“Actors have always lived this life, in a way. The only thing that has changed a lot because of the pandemic is that before that we could do two projects at the same time, but now no one wants to risk a trip. They don’t want to put a deadline to finish [as filmagens], so we are at the mercy of production. With productions, you have to bet on a single project and hope that it works. But it can also go wrong very easily, due to the new rules and restrictions imposed on the countries we should be visiting. [para filmar]. The whole world is affected; I certainly don’t want to complain, especially since we are privileged compared to the rest of the world. Everyone has been affected in different ways for this.

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