Executive producer opens up about his special appearance on final episode

Warning: spoiler alert!

Last week, WandaVision fans were taken aback by the return of Mercury, Wanda’s brother, then played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who died during the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Back with no further explanation, Pietro Maximoff is now played by Evan Peters, who was a sprinter at Marvel in the Fox X-Men movies. Between the shock and the confusion, everyone was lost, but now Jac Schaeffer, the show’s executive producer, has spoken on the subject.

In an interview with, Schaeffer explained that the team loved the idea of ​​resurrecting Mercury, but didn’t know how to make it justifiable within the MCU.

“We were like, how are we going to make sense of that logic? Like, how do we justify this? Because that’s the point, you can have a million amazing ideals, but [o desafio é] work with them, make them grounded, make them organic and be part of a bigger story.

She went on to explain that Kevin Feige himself wanted the character’s return to make sense. “I hope we got there,” Schaeffer jokes. “The show is a mental mess, and because we work on so many levels, and we have so many notions of what’s real and what’s not, and [então temos] the performance, the cast, the audience, the fans and all that. We just thought it would be really amazing to bring Evan [Peters] to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. ”

Mercury’s return surprised fans

And the solution to that was to use a well-known comedy cliché: the return of the distant relative. “We thought, how are we going to give him a ticket, then enjoy it, then drive it all crazy?” And we got this idea of ​​the shot of the brother, or parent, going back to town and loving to mess up everything in the family – this comedy shot.

The producer and screenwriter took the time to praise Evan Peters: “We’ve been supporting him for so long, and we didn’t know if it was possible. It was complicated to get there. Evan was still in it, like, always, always, always. He’s a fan of comics and a fan of Marvel. He’s always available for the strangest things. And it’s a pleasure – a real pleasure to work with him.

Apparently, the change of performer is something that will be explained in the series itself, since the producer has not given more details about it. What are your theories? Comment!

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