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When WandaVision decided to get away from the perfect little life of the Scarlet Witch, exploring Agent SWOR.D.’s investigations, we didn’t expect to be completely enchanted by spontaneous Agent Jimmy Woo.

He first appeared in the Marvel films in Ant-Man and Wasp. Jimmy was the FBI agent tasked with making sure Scott Lang served his sentence after violating the Sokovia Accords. Even though he was obligated to do his job, he was nonetheless sympathetic to Ant-Man, showing his more naive and pure side on the small screens.

Jimmy Woo even has a nemesis: the yellow claw.

The hunt for the yellow claw

The agent’s relationship with the FBI originated long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He made his debut in the first edition of Yellow Claw magazine (1956), when the publisher was still called Atlas Comics.

There weren’t a lot of superheroes back then. The publisher had a more varied portfolio of stories and Jimmy Woo was just one of his characters who had no superpowers.

It appeared during the Cold War period, when the Chinese population was portrayed with a lot of stereotypes. His villain, Yellow Claw, strictly followed a prejudice against people of Asian descent, but Woo was different. The character had American nationality, was part of the famous FBI, and dedicated his life to hunting down and defeating the Yellow Claw.

Jimmy Woo and Suwan, the granddaughter of Yellow Claw.

Its story can be interpreted as the Chinese-American people’s journey of redemption from the influence of Soviet China. Obviously, Garra Amarela’s goal was world domination, which readers of the time were really worried would happen with the rise of communism. But as a good American, Jimmy Woo has always come forward to ruin his plans.

Department Zero and the G-Men

After several clashes, it became clear that Yellow Claw was no match for Jimmy Woo, especially when his granddaughter Suwan helped the agent. After a string of losses, the villain was forced to risk bolder ideas and decided to kidnap the President of the United States.

Most superheroes had already retired after the World Wars, so the FBI decided to turn Jimmy Zero over to Department Zero. His mission was to recruit overpowered people to help him in this mission. So he invited characters from other Atlas Comics stories to form a super team, years before the Avengers appeared.

The G-Men reunited for their first mission

The first recruits were the beautiful Venus and the Ukrainian Bob Greyson – known as the Marvel Boy. Jimmy tried to convince Namora to join the team, but she had more pressing issues and recommended the M-11 Human Robot as a replacement. Finally, with the addition of Kenneth Hale, the Gorilla Man, the group became known as G-Men (“Men of the Government”).

The mission was successful, and Department Zero not only managed to save the president, but also brought Garra Amarela’s plans to an end. With no imminent danger, the team goes their separate ways and Jimmy Woo is promoted to an administrative position within the FBI.

SHIELD’s Jimmy vs. Godzilla

His days working in the field are a thing of the past, but that’s okay because he wasn’t as young as he used to be. Years went by and Jimmy was happy to be working in the security of an office. One day, he came across a report about an agency called SHIELD dealing with Yellow Claw. He had no idea who they were, but if Yellow Claw was back he had to take action.

Jimmy Woo needed the help of Pym Particles, the Quartet and the Avengers to take on Godzilla

At the invitation of Nick Fury and Captain America, he joined SHIELD The Yellow Claw was nothing more than a robot built by Doctor Doom, but now that he was back, Jimmy has continued to perform the missions. stranger in the name of Fury.

In one of those missions, he teamed up with a former colleague, Timothy Dugan of the Seven Starks, to take on a giant mutant creature that has taken over North America – Godzilla himself. The team faced off against the kaiju across the United States, but only managed to defeat the creature using Pym Particles, the Fantastic Four, and the Avengers.

At around 70 years old, Jimmy Woo is young again.

Woo Reborn!

The success of this atypical mission earned Woo some notoriety within SHIELD, with the Agent gaining more and more influence, reaching the post of Deputy Director. Without ever failing to investigate Garra Amarela’s origins, after years he has managed to prove several companies’ connection to the villain. All responded to the same organization: the Atlas Foundation.

It was then that Jimmy decided to break away from SHIELD and lead a team to invade the Foundation base. Woo didn’t expect to be met by a trap. Jimmy was the only survivor, but fair. News of his critical condition reached the ears of his old friends in Department Zero. They orchestrated a rescue, and the Marvel Boy used Uranian technology to bring back the same agent he kept in his memories.

However, since they hadn’t seen each other for a long time, Jimmy Woo returned to the same body he had in the 50s – losing all his memories of his time on SHIELD.

M-11 turns out to be a traitor, but Jimmy Woo convinces him to help her.

Atlas Foundation

The G-Men were together again! This time, Namora definitely joined the team and together they began to review Jimmy’s stages before his amnesia, trying to figure out the paths of his investigation.

They eventually discover a shocking revelation: M-11 – the human robot that was part of the original team – was actually a creation of the Yellow Claw. But it turns out to be a real asset for the team: the information recorded in the robot brings them back to the Atlas Foundation headquarters for a final confrontation.

This time, well prepared, they escape all traps and find the true mentor of the Atlas Foundation and the Yellow Claw – a towering golden dragon called Mr. Lao.

Mr. Lao is the real Golden Claw

James Khan’s Empire

The dragon reveals that Jimmy Woo’s entire life was an elaborate plan by the Atlas Foundation. The dragon is a descendant of the legendary Genghis Khan, who, in search of a way to eternalize his empire, created Atlas. Only her descendants would be noble enough to control her. The parents of the current heir wanted a normal life for their son and fled to the United States. Of course that baby is James Woo, little Jimmy.

Mr. Lao claims that the Foundation exists only to serve Jimmy Woo, if he wishes. Yellow Claw was created by Atlas, harnessing the fear of Americans to fuel Woo’s career. Everything in Jimmy’s life received a little help from the Foundation. Seeing the opportunity to turn the Foundation into something positive, Jimmy accepts the burden of leading the centuries-old Atlas Foundation.

Under his command, the Foundation, which was one of the largest criminal dens in the world, spawned Atlas Agents – a group of superheroes originally made up of the G-Men themselves.

The first Atlas Agents training, led by Jimmy Woo

Atlas Agents

Since then, Agents Atlas have invaded several Marvel events. They led a small resistance in Secret Wars, with Agent Coulson from SHIELD In 2009, the team faced off against the X-Men in search of the brain to save Venus. There was even a clash with Spider-Man, but Marvel Boy erased all memories of the incident.

More recently, Woo took advantage of the structure of the Atlas Foundation to bring together heroes of Asian descent to defend the East – overlooked by more renowned teams, like the Avengers, against unusual threats. Besides Jimmy Woo, among the new agents of Atlas, Amadeus Cho (the Hulk), Shang-Chi, Silk Web, Kamala Khan, Crescent, Io, Luna Snow, Aero, Sword Master and Wave have already passed.

New Agents of Atlas May Appear in WandaVision Spinoff Series

WandaVision derivative series

With such a rich history in the comics, Jimmy Woo likely won’t be relegated to supporting roles for long. Even with a few lines, it has already been a huge hit on WandaVision and the public wants more. Director Stephen Ford heard the fan clamor and decided to come up with a series accompanying Jimmy Woo investigating supernatural events in the MCU in a way very similar to the X-Files series.

Disney has yet to respond to the director’s proposal, but it has already garnered the support of some colleagues – like Peyton Reed, who directed both Ant-Man films. Actor Simu Liu, who will play Shang-Chi in the film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, also wants to appear in the production. Since Khamala Khan has a confirmed series on Disney +, we may have special Atlas Agent training very soon in the MCU. Wait and hope for more adventures from legendary agent Jimmy Woo.

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