Everything you need to know about the HBO series

The release of The Last of Us in 2013 caused an unexpected uproar in the gaming industry. Never has a story touched the video game audience so much. Such a visceral relationship was not expected in such a sorry environment.

The awakening of strong feelings, both positive and negative, changed the way the general public viewed the media and the discussion of games as an art form was revived.

The legacy of The Last of Us is felt in all major next-gen Sony releases, on PlayStation 4. Ellie and Joel’s walk broke barriers. Some say it’s the best game ever. It wouldn’t be long before such greatness transcended the gaming world. So in March 2020, HBO announced that The Last of Us would now be a series.

Ellie must mature to survive the world of The Last of Us.

But after all, what do we know about this long-awaited production? Details are scarce, but we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the HBO series.

Will the series be good?

Everything indicates yes. TV and movie game adaptations get a bad rap, but The Last of Us is being developed by HBO in direct partnership with PlayStation.

On its own, HBO has an impeccable history of original productions – including Westworld, Game of Thrones, and Chernobyl. The channel always works with the best directors and discovers big stars. So it seems like a safe bet to believe that good things happen.

Joel is explosive, but tries to be fair to Ellie

Especially since PlayStation itself is involved in the project. Neil Druckmann works with Craig Mazin to make sure everything, in the script and in the production, goes according to plan. And if you don’t know these names, you should!

Druckmann was the Creative Director of The Last of Us franchise and today runs the entire studio responsible for games – Naughty Dog. Mazin wrote one of HBO’s most beloved limited series, Chernobyl. Joining a Game Award winner with an Emmy winner, the result should be nothing short of spectacular.

Mazin is even an avowed fan of the original game. He even changed his profile picture on Twitter to a picture of Ellie as soon as it was confirmed in production. It is clearly a personal project carried out with great care. Joined him in the Carolyn Strauss and Evan Wells co-production.

Touching moments will return in real action

And we couldn’t help but talk about the soundtrack that marked both games so much. Renowned franchise composer Gustavo Santaolla is back to compose new tunes designed exclusively for the series. If it depends on the production team, everything should work.

But what is the story of The Last of Us?

The first season of The Last of Us will adapt the events of the first game. The story follows Joel, a ferryman tormented by his past, on a mission to escort little Ellie to the Capitol.

The girl may be the key to reversing a fungal infection that sparked a global apocalypse, so Joel is working to keep her alive at all costs. But along the way, they end up developing a touching fellowship relationship that borders on parenthood. Ultimately, a tough decision left players arguing among themselves for years until the long-awaited release of the game’s sequel – The Last of Us Part II.

Ellie and Joel’s relationship is at the heart of The Last of Us

In an interview with EW, Neil Druckmann assured that he intends to adapt this experience inherent in video game interactivity in a way that makes more sense for a television series.

“It’s an interesting challenge and there is a lot to learn from it… Craig has some ideas on how to adapt (this experience) for the series. It has been fascinating to work with another creative mind that I admire.

Either way, it hasn’t been revealed if the first season will adapt the first game in its entirety or if we will only see part of its story. There are some key points in the first game that would make a good hook for future seasons. Although only one season has been confirmed by HBO, expanding the series over several years is in the creative team’s plans.

Flashbacks should complete the narrative.

Will the series be faithful to the game?

As for the writers, the series will be faithful to the events of the game. In fact, the project is considered a definitive version of the story. Many events that were left out of the original game due to their scope will appear in the series.

In an interview with BBC radio, Mazin pledged not to alter any essential part of the story, such as major events or Ellie’s sexuality. All changes are being thought through to make the series the definitive version of this story. The idea is not to remove content, but to add it.

“I’m writing this script with the guy who made it (the original game), so the changes we’re making are designed to fill in the gaps and expand. Never undo, but improve. ”

To fill these gaps, producers can turn to other official sources for the franchise, such as the graphic novel American Dreams and the Left Behind expansion.

The pasts of new characters can be better explored

Scenes seen only in the game’s sequel, the controversial The Last of Us Part II, can be moved forward to result in a more cohesive series. We could end up meeting some very important characters much sooner than we expected and Druckmann has already left clues that it should happen.

Commenting on an International Women’s Day post made by HBO, the producer celebrated that more female characters will be joining the channel with the arrival of The Last of Us. Among the confirmed characters we have Riley, Tess, Marlene and Maria .

One name was censored, as usual before the release of Part II, but today we know that character is Abby – Ellie’s big rival whose story begins in Part 1 of The Last of Us Soon in the series, but we don’t know who will be able to play it on TV.

Pedro Pascal will be Joel

Who will Joel and Ellie be on the show?

So far, only two actor names from The Last of Us have been confirmed. Joel Miller will be played by Pedro Pascal, while young Ellie will be played by Bella Ramsey. The two have had starring roles in Game of Thrones, but this is the first time they’ve interacted on stage.

Pedro appeared in the show’s fourth season as charismatic Oberyn Martell, a turning point in his career. Then he played several famous pop culture “fathers”, such as Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984, Marcus Moreno in Little Big Heroes.

But he ended up being best known for the legendary Din Djarin, daddy of baby Yoda in The Mandalorian.

With such a background of playing the father figure, Pedro is the perfect person to explore the nuances of Joel’s experience in rediscovering fatherhood while traveling with Ellie.

Bella Ramsey will be Ellie.

Bella’s program is much more modest. After enchanting everyone in Game of Thrones season six as the towering Lyanna Mormont, Bella returned as the protagonist of the Hilda animation on Netflix and also on HBO’s His Dark Materials series.

The girl conjures up a fragile and gentle nature, but on stage she can turn into a real hurricane – like Ellie herself in the first game. It will be interesting to follow your progress with the character.

When will the series be released?

Unfortunately, The Last of Us series has yet to debut. Development has already started. In the BBC radio interview, Mazin confirmed that the first cycle of the series was already written. And that was in the middle of 2020.

Get ready to destroy your heart again with The Last of Us series.

Filming should start very soon. HBO even hired a director for the season’s first episode: Russian Kantemir Balagov, best known for his home country independent dramas.

The premiere is slated to take place later this year or until the first half of 2022. That’s because HBO is focused on promoting House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones spinoff series that opens next year.

The Last of Us will debut on HBO, but it will also be coming to streaming service HBO Max – which will launch in Brazil in June.

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