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Warning: spoiler alert!

My Hero Academia is among the current adventures with the most intriguing mysteries, forcing all fans to count the days for the next chapter of the manga, creating the most absurd theories possible.

Recently, one of those mysteries was solved and left working theorists happy: We found out what happened to Endeavor’s eldest son, Toya Todoroki. So I decided to summarize all the twists and turns of this story for you and leave all interested parties in this situation. What about? Take your hydrogen peroxide to dye your hair and come with me!

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Who is Toya Todoroki in Boku no Hero?

Toya is the eldest son of Enji Todoroki, the Endeavor. In the manga, we see his original appearance for the first time in chapter 249; he has yet to appear as Toya in the anime.

He’s also the villain, a member of the League of Villains and the Paranormal Liberation Front, known as Dabi. Toya kept his true identity hidden from the start, planning to reveal his tragic past at the right time, in the hopes of ending Endeavor’s reputation in the process.

Like Dabi, Toya made her manga debut in Chapter 39 and Episode 23 of the anime. Along with the League of Villains, he was one of those who attacked AU students at summer camp and kidnapped Bakugo, for attacking Overhaul’s containment truck, among other things that only happened in the manga.

What does Toya mean?

The two names that Toya bears have a meaning in her history. The kanji of the name “Toya” (燈 矢) mean “little flame that illuminates the surroundings” – or “lamp” – and “arrow”. The second part is still somewhat nebulous – ya is common for Japanese male names – but the “flame” relates to his seemingly peaceful upbringing among the Todoroki, being trained to be a hero.

Dabi comes from the reason for his “death” and his powers. It means ‘cremation,’ which is the name fans have given to their individuality while the official is not revealed.

What is Toya’s story in My Hero Academia?

Before talking about Toya, it is important to understand Enji. In his attempts to become more and more powerful, to become Japan’s No.1 hero, Endeavor has encountered an obstacle in his abilities. Using your individuality for a long time overheats your body and can kill you. This prevents you from “going further”.

Thus, Enji becomes obsessed with the idea of ​​making his son a “perfect” hero. He marries Rei, who has a refreshing individuality, and plans to have an heir with him who carries his flames and his wife’s ice cream. With both powers, the child would be able to balance the overheating and possible hypothermia, overcoming the barriers that Endeavor encountered.

The couple’s first child is therefore Toya Todoroki. According to Enji, Toya was not born with any of his mother’s icy powers, but with an individuality of flames “hotter” and more powerful than hers. At that time, he says he wasn’t so obsessed with getting the “perfect kid” so he tried to train Toya to the max to be a great hero.

How did Toya become Dabi?

Turns out Toya’s powers were too strong for the boy’s body. We don’t know exactly what was going on, but his dark red hair, inherited from Enji, began to turn white and his flames grew more and more powerful.

At one point, in an Endeavor training camp in the mountains, Toya reportedly “lost control” of his powers and was burnt until almost nothing was left by his own flames. How he survived and who helped him from there has yet to be revealed, but after that, Toya becomes Dabi.

It’s worth mentioning that he apparently watched over his family, when he heard about events in Todoroki’s life that happened after he was presumed dead. He also came to harbor an unhealthy hatred for his father and plan his downfall as Endeavor.

How did Toya reveal his identity?

If you don’t follow Boku manga in Hero Academia and have this curiosity, it all happened during the last arc. As the heroes fought fiercely against Shigaraki, the other members of the League of Villains arrived at the scene. Already expecting Endeavor’s defeated state, Dabi took the opportunity to reveal himself.

With the skills of Skeptic, Dabi hacked the broadcast of Japanese channels and showed a nationwide video where he exposes his identity and all the violence Enji inflicted on his family, in hopes of ending the name. of his father as a hero. On the battlefield, then, he was shown to wear a fake hair color, washing off the dye and showcasing the white that came from King Todoroki, his mother. Either way, he revealed to everyone who he really is.

Toya’s goal was to end Endeavor as a hero and kill him there. He says he did all the tests, to prove who he was, but he doesn’t care about the family, only caring about his revenge. In the end, he failed to kill his father or brother, but we’re still going to be looking at the aftermath of this whole chaotic moment.

What are Toya’s powers?

As said, Toya was born without any trace of the individuality of his mother, who has cooling powers, but with exceptionally powerful flames. The boy’s blue flames are hotter than Enji and Shoto’s, so much harder to control.

It’s possible, however, that there is some sort of skill coming from Rei no Toya that we haven’t seen yet. We don’t know how he survived being burnt alive and the manga is keen to show the moment when his red hair starts to turn white like his mother’s. However, it can also represent the charge of your flames on your body.

So, what did you think of Dabi’s reveal? Do not forget to comment!

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