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Zack Snyder’s Justice League is finally here, and one of the main elements of the film is the Maternal Boxes. They have multiple functions within the plot, influencing the storyline of Cyborg and Superman in the feature film, and it’s also the object of the Steppe Wolf’s Desire, who intends to use them to transform the Earth in a copy of Apokolips.

Kindergarten Boxes are very important in the DC Universe and have a long history in the comics, before appearing in Justice League. Check out the main information you need to know about them here.



The Nursery Boxes were created by a New Genesis scientist named Himon and are completely responsive, in addition to being much smaller than the movie versions. They have several powers, which are often a mystery even to the new gods.

According to the New Deus Metron, each maternal box shares a “mystical connection with nature”, in addition to having a very strong connection with those who have it. In the comics, they communicate through a “ping,” which can be understood by those who wear them.

Kindergarten box in the comics


In DC comics, both before and after New 52, ​​Maternity Boxes are extremely powerful items, providing their users with varying abilities.

Among the main ones, it can manipulate the energy and matter of all existence, in addition to being able to regenerate itself and give life to whatever its user desires. She can also manipulate gravity, control and bring awareness to non-sensitive machines, she can sense danger, life and emotions.

Kindergarten Boxes also have a level of telepathy that they share with the user, in addition to feeling everything around them and having access to all the knowledge of the New Gods.

All of these skills come from linking nursery boxes to the source.

One of the more recent versions of Caixa Materna in the comics


In DC, the Source is the “source” of all that exists. It is an infinite form of energy from which all life is born, worshiped by the new gods. He emerged from the Universe and is one of the greatest old forces in DC Comics, being very important in comics.

Nursery boxes can connect and access the source, in order to acquire their powerful abilities and pass them on to their user.


Zack Snyder’s Justice League Nursery Boxes.


In the movie, the nursery boxes are more contained than in the comics, but even so, they are extremely destructive. The main skills that we see them demonstrate are:

Biological and mechanical handling

Mother boxes have the ability to completely change life at the cellular level, whether it is on one person or even on an entire planet. They use an energy field that allows everything in them to be biologically changed. This is how Darkseid intends to completely transform the Earth.

They can also manipulate any kind of mechanical object and technology, which is the skill originally used by the Cyborg, allowing its organic and mechanical parts to work together effectively.

Creation of explosion tubes

At DC, explosion tubes are transport portals created by Maternal Boxes. They are cylindrical portals that can cross dimensions or carry someone long distances. In the movie, we see this ability used by the Steppe Wolf when he arrives at Themyscira.


Using a mix of all of their abilities, Mother Boxes, when united, have the ability to transform any planet into a version of Apokolips, in addition to activating a mutation in all of its inhabitants, generating parademons. .

Priests Prokolips

Justice League by Zack Snyder

In the DC Extended Universe, Kindergarten Boxes are different from their comic book versions. In the DCEU there are only three, created in Apokolips. As well as being a lot bigger than in the comics, they have a darker appearance.

Kindergarten Boxes are the main artifacts in Zack Snyder’s Justice League history. They were used thousands of years ago, even before the Atlanteans reached the bottom of the ocean, when Darkseid attempted to conquer Earth. He would use the boxes to completely destroy the planet and transform it into the image of Apokolips. So the people of Atlantis, the Amazons, the gods and mankind came together to face the villain.


In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, we witness Darkseid’s first major invasion of Earth. As he and his army fight the resistance formed on our planet, his priests use the Mother Boxes to begin terraforming.

We’ve heard from Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, that Boxes are extremely advanced technology, so powerful that it’s impossible to discern their magical power. In this first invasion, three of the “priests” of Apokolips are shown activating the boxes, but Zeus manages to prevent the process.

In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, a more menacing steppe wolf will search for kindergarten boxes

After the battle, the Earth Warriors decided that each of the Mother Boxes would be taken over by one of the races. Therefore, in the movie, we see the Steppe Wolf looking for these items, first looking for the Themyscira box, then the Atlantis box, and finally the humanity box.


La Caixa da Humanidade came a long way until it ended up at STAR Labs. She is with scientist Silas Stone, who was trying to use his powers to help his son, Victor, who was seriously injured in an accident. After several unsuccessful attempts, Caixa Materna activates on her own, moving towards Victor and repairing his body, causing him to unite with surrounding technology to transform him into a Cyborg.

The current video was acquired by Lex Luthor and shown in Batman vs Superman: Origin of Justice. In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the sequel will be better explored

Cyborg, the “son” of the nursery boxes

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