Everything we already know about the God of Cheat series

In 2021, we are witnessing the glorious return of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after a year of postponement thanks to the COVID-19 crisis. WandaVision brought us back to this fantastic franchise – and it was just the first series produced by Marvel Studios to release on Disney + this year. In June, we’ll have Loki, the solo production focused on the God of Cheating.

From everything we’ve seen so far, the series appears to be very different from anything the MCU has done over the years, both to focus on one villainous character and to present us with a crazy narrative. which should involve time travel and multiverse. And if, like us, you’re eagerly awaiting the series, get ready with this recap of everything we already know about Loki’s solo series!

What will the premise of the series be?

So far, Loki’s premise remains shrouded in mystery and secrets, with very little being revealed to fans. The first trailer tries to keep the atmosphere of mystery even longer. For this reason, we suspect that the premise won’t be fully revealed until the series is very close to release. And despite that, we still have some little plot information.

Basically, the plot takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame and will show us the cheating god falling into the hands of a mysterious agency, known as TVA. With full control of his destiny, now that his life is no longer determined by Thor’s shadow, he must undertake a series of missions, all while changing the course of human history.

The series has to deal with some very important elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially in the later versions. Here we will see a continuity of time travel and there are also indications that the series will be working on the multiverse concept – which will be very important, especially with the next Marvel Studios films on the way …

A new old Loki

If you’ve paid a lot of attention to Avengers: Endgame, you should know that the Loki we’ll see in the solo series is very different from the Cheating God we knew. For starters, the MCU’s “original” Loki ended up being killed in Infinity War, at the hands of Thanos. However, this version we will know about is a time-fugitive Loki, likely in possession of the Tesseract.

Basically, in Ultimatum, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes travel back in time to the Battle of Manhattan, in an attempt to reclaim the Space Gem. The mission fails, but they end up affecting the meaning of that timeline by letting Loki escape, and that’s where the series will begin its story, with this version of the villain who didn’t go through the events of movies like Thor: The Dark World and Ragnarok.

In other words, it will be a Loki who has yet to be redeemed from his crimes in the past and has yet to act as a villain or, at the most, an anti-hero. This should provide us with a very interesting proposition, as fans love the character’s duality and ethical ambiguity.

A new secret organization

From the first photos taken behind the scenes, we already knew that a new agency would be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is VAT (or also known as AVT). This acronym stands for Agência de Variação Temporal, a well-known organization in comics that has been involved in several stories of the Fantastic Four and other heroes.

Basically, this is a business outside of the time-space continuum that monitors all the mess and trouble caused by time-traveling numbers. That is, if you can go back in time and change crucial aspects of reality and the future, you will likely be visited by the group, as they arrest and punish anyone who bothers too much over time.

And that’s exactly how they should end up meeting Loki. It is believed that after escaping with the Tesseract, the God of Cheating took the opportunity to cause a lot of confusion in the history of mankind, causing serious problems for the timeline and for the universes he walked in – and that is precisely what will put him in the sights of TVA, which will stop you.

Who joins the cast of the series?

After years of living as the “supporting actor who steals the show,” Tom Hiddleston is finally going to be able to become a protagonist in the MCU. Your character will be the center of all attention to Loki, and you can even expect a real identity crisis from the Prince of Asgard. However, he won’t be alone – although the cast is mostly made up of newcomers to the MCU.

The first of them is Owen Wilson, who is expected to take on the role of Mobius M. Mobius, one of TVA’s top executives. He can already be seen in the trailer, talking to Loki while the villain is arrested by the agency. Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Beauty and the Beast) has also been cast as TVA’s agent, though his more specific role has yet to be revealed.

For the rest, we have several actors whose roles have not even been announced. Among them we have Wunmi Mosaku (Lovecraft Country), Sasha Lane (Hellboy), Sophia Di Martino (Yesterday) and Richard E. Grant (Logan). Finally, it is speculated that Jaimie Alexander could reprise the role of Lady Sif in the series, although this has not yet been confirmed by the production.

The teaser

In December 2020, the first full trailer for the series was released on Disney Investor Day. During the event, several announcements were made regarding Marvel Studios films and series. In the trailer, we can see the Ultimatum scene where the villain manages to escape the Avengers, and we are soon introduced to his recent adventures, when he is arrested by TVA.

The trailer, as mentioned earlier, seeks to keep several secrets hidden from the public, while also featuring several scenes that can give us an idea of ​​what’s to come in the series. This is precisely where we get our first glimpse of the characters of Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Owen Wilson, for example.

Premiere and other information

Originally scheduled for May 2021, the series premiered on June 11, 2021, to take full advantage of the North American summer, which is the time of major releases in the northern hemisphere. Interestingly, while much of the Marvel Studios series on Disney + will be in a limited format, with just one season, Loki has already confirmed its second season and is in development, which means it could make its debut. debut in 2022.

According to Kevin Feige, the season will have six episodes of approximately one hour, which is expected to become standard in Marvel / Disney + productions of Hawk and the Winter Soldier.

When it comes to ties to other productions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many fans believe we’ll have a connection between Loki and Thor: Love and Thunder, given the Cheating God story and his Asgardian half-brother. However, so far it has only been confirmed that the series will have connections to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (which isn’t too difficult to consider, considering the series will work in Travels. in time and multiverse).

Below, see everything you need to notice in the series trailer:

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