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After so many years with only Shenlong and Porunga – the dragon of Namekusei – Dragon Ball Super fans were surprised by the appearance of the magnanimous Zalama, the Super Shenlong. But he wasn’t the last wishing dragon featured in the story.

After the Granolah arc, the survivor, Dragon Ball Super introduced a new dragon, which appears to be quite different from what we’re used to. We are still discovering new information about the creation of the Spheres and the past of the Namekuseijins.

To dispel your doubts about these news in Dragon Ball, I decided to put together all the information we already have about Toronbo, the new Super Dragon. Find the spheres and come with me!

Who is Toronbo in Dragon Ball Super?

Complete visual of Toronbo, the dragon of the planet Cereal.

During chapter 69 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, a new wish dragon was introduced into the story: Toronbo, the dragon of the planet Cereal. He is summoned by Granolah and has some peculiarities compared to the other dragons of the saga.

Toronbo is the dragon of the spheres created by Monaito, an ancient Namekuseijin who survived the massacre of the Saiyans on the planet Cereal. In addition to the Cerealujins – a race of Granolah – some Namekuseijins also lived in the place and were wiped out when Freeza’s army attacked.

Unlike Shenlong, Porunga, and Zalama, Toronbo is a small dragon, sprawling just above the trees. Its appearance resembles an amphibian, similar to an axolotl and the Shugarjins, a race that currently occupies the Cereal planet.

For the ritual, Granolah uses the Namekuseijin dialect, as in the invocation of Porunga. The most interesting part here is that this dragon only has two spheres, one and two stars, breaking the pattern of the seven dragon spheres in history. And he can only make one wish come true.

What is the relationship between Toronbo and Granolah?

Granolah wanted to become the strongest warrior in the universe.

Granolah is the one who summons Toronbo in the story, but that’s not the boy’s only relationship with the Dragon Balls. Surviving the attack of the Saiyans 40 years earlier, he was raised by Monaito, the former Namekuseijin who lives on the planet Cereal, whom he calls his grandfather.

Monaito and Granolah live in a Namekuseijin-style house on the outskirts of one of the Shugajin towns on planet Cereal. Since the Elder says the Spheres will disappear upon his death, he must be the original creator of the two Toronbo Spheres.

Until this moment in history, the two-star sphere was missing, possibly lost in the attacks of the Saiyans or hidden by Monaito himself. However, the Shagajins find her and do a TV commercial about the case, seen by Granolah. So, he steals the sphere and summons Toronbo, wishing to become the most powerful warrior in the universe.

What else do we learn about the Namekuseijins?

Even Zalama, the Dragon of the Gods, comes from Dragon Balls.

It’s odd, but it’s only now that Dragon Ball has decided to explore the past of the Namekuseijin race and the creation of the Dragon Balls a bit more. And the new information is pretty cool.

In chapter 69, we see a lesson from Moori, the Elder of Namekusei, on the Dragon Balls – to contextualize what was happening on the planet Cereal. Depending on the story, the spheres can vary in size and quantity depending on who is creating them. This complements the information on the amount of dragons’ wishes, which also varies depending on the power of the creator.

Moori claims that there are spheres on other planets besides Namekusei, citing Earth as an example, saying that where there is a Namekuseijin, this possibility exists. He cites the possibility of the existence of Namekuseijins on other planets – as happened in Cereal – but says it is very difficult to have contact with all of them.

Another interesting piece of information is that the original purpose of the spheres was revealed: they were used to reward warriors for great deeds in the past. Finally, and perhaps the most important part of Moori’s speech, we find that the Namekuseijins “have come to this universe from another world”. What does this really mean? Only the future can tell.

So what did you think of Toronbo’s arrival and all the lore news in Dragon Ball Super? Do not forget to comment!

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