Evan Peters speaks for the first time in the series

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Now that WandaVision is over, Evan Peters has finally opened up about his experience recording the series and returning to a Marvel project after playing Mercury in three of the X-Men movies on Fox.

In WandaVision, the character of Peters initially appears as a new version of Pietro Maximoff, which made many fans believe that the character would come from another universe and remain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the series ended. however, in the last episode. we found out that he was actually an actor by the name of Ralph Bohner.

The last episode of WandaVision reveals the real character that plays Evan Peters: Ralph Bohner.

Several fans did not like the revelation, since they preferred that the series followed another rumor. Still, Evan Peters said he had a lot of fun filming the project. In a new video released by the series on Twitter, the actor is seen speaking for the first time about his role and the experience of filming. He says:

“I know you have a lot of questions and so do I, but the end of the season is coming soon. I just want to say, guys, I’m a huge fan of the Marvel Universe. It was really cool to come here and hang out with these people. It was really amazing ”.

Now that the series is over, we’ll likely see more of Evan Peters and the show’s creators and production talking and explaining the decisions made to bring the actor to bring the character and the big surprise around him to life in the finale.

Enjoy and also check out all the references and Easter eggs at the end of WandaVision:

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