Evan Peters has been digitally altered to look more like Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Evan Peters’ Mercury has changed in the post-production of WandaVision. According to the show’s visual effects supervisor, Trent Claus, the idea was that the character would look more like Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s version (via Before and Afters).

Pietro is featured in Episode 5 of the series, and the viewer’s first sight of the character is from his back, where the bleached hair is in evidence. For the creators of WandaVision, the public had to believe, in this first moment, that it was the Taylor-Johnson Pietro.

So it took a lot of work for the VFX team to turn Evan Peters hair into Avengers: Age of Ultron hair.

“No one in visual effects likes working with hair, it’s always very difficult. And here it was about adapting to a certain hairstyle. For the shoot, he was bigger and cuter, and they wanted him to be flatter, more aerodynamic. You see it from the back through several planes, then you see it from the front through several other planes. And that must make sense. At the end of the day, you see him again, when they make Agatha’s revelation.

First appearance of Mercury on WandaVision

Ultimately, Evan Peters’ participation as Mercury may have disappointed some of the fans, who expected explosive reveals about the character or a relationship with the X-Men universe. Either way, Pietro’s introduction to WandaVision was one of the series’ many surprising moments.

All nine episodes of the Marvel Studios show are available on Disney +.

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