Ethan Hawke explains why he agreed to do the Marvel series

Ethan Hawke, star of the upcoming Marvel series for Disney +, Moon Knight, recently spoke about why he joined the franchise.

In the past, Hawke has made somewhat controversial statements about superhero movies when speaking of Logan. Therefore, for many, it was a surprise that the star signed a contract with Marvel Studios to play the series villain Moon Knight.

During an appearance on The Watch podcast, Hawke finally opened up about his lineup and explained what motivated him to agree to participate in the superhero series:

“Well that’s where I am as an actor right now. Much of this, to be honest, has to do with the fact that Knight of the Moon is a lesser-known story and allows for more creative freedom. The director is Mohammed Diab and he’s a brilliant guy.

Ethan Hawke added that he had already had the opportunity to work with Diab on another project and that he considered him a great artist. The actor also said that the protagonist of the series, Oscar Isaac, was also a point of motivation for him.

“A lot of that has to do with Oscar Isaac too, to be honest with you. I consider him to be one of the most exciting actors around. I like what he does with his life. It reminds me of the actors I admired when I arrived in New York. Oscar is younger than me and I love his demeanor and his way of thinking. And in general, good things happen when you’re in the room with people you love the way they think, right?

Oscar Isaac to play Moon Knight in Disney + series

Hawke finds it virtually impossible to ignore superhero movies these days. He mentions that there is room for many different projects across the spectrum and says:

“I think you have to talk about how long you live, right?” You cannot pretend that you are not living within the period of time that you are living. You have to try to make the time you live better. “

Over the years, Ethan Hawke has appeared in famous and lauded films such as The Dead Poets Society, Before Trilogy, Gattaca, and Predestinado. For his work in films such as Training Day and Boyhood: From Childhood to Youth, Hawke has been nominated twice for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Knight of the Moon is set to begin filming soon, and it looks like it will arrive at Disney + sometime in 2022.

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