Ethan Hawke chosen as villain in Marvel series

While WandaVision made its Disney + debut this week, Marvel Studios continues to work at full speed on upcoming streaming service productions. And now the novelty is due to the entry of Ethan Hawke in the future series of the Moon Knight.

According to The Hollywood Rerporter, Hawke made a deal to join Oscar Isaac in Knight of the Moon. The portal claims that the star known for films like Night of Crime and Society of the Dead Poets will play the plot villain. It’s unclear, however, who exactly Hawke will play.

Ethan Hawke joins Marvel’s star team

Hawke’s career began in the mid-1980s and over the years he has appeared in famous and lauded films such as the Before Trilogy, Gattaca and Predestinado. For his work in films such as Training Day and Boyhood: From Childhood to Youth, Hawke was nominated for an Oscar.

Knight of the Moon is one of the most anticipated series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and given the cast forming, this will likely be one of the most interesting to watch.

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