Erin Kellyman’s character in the series has an identity revealed

The debut of Hawk and the Winter Soldier, a new Disney + series that will show the two heroes side by side after the events of Avengers: Endgame, are getting closer and closer. There are arguably plenty of surprises in store for fans, but at least one of them has already been revealed: the identity of the character played by actress Erin Kellyman (Han Solo: A Star Wars Story). .

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe went wild during this year’s edition of the Super Bowl, in which a new Falcão and the Winter Soldier trailer was shown, full of new scenes and with more details of the plot. Among other things, the preview showed the character of Erin Kellyman wearing the mask of the Stateless, a paramilitary organization that aims to end the boundaries between countries. But there is more.

A stateless person enters the scene

On the official Zazzle store page dedicated to the series, there were products that showed the character and gave his identity. This is Karli Morgenthau, an adaptation of villainous Karl Morgenthau, the stateless, classic enemy of Captain America in the comics. This implies that, more than being part of the organization, she will be its leader, just like Karl was in the Sentinel of Freedom comics.

In the trailer, the character is seen facing Bucky (Sebastian Stan) on an equal footing in several scenes, and while her role in the machinations of Zemo (Daniel Brühl) is yet to be known, she certainly will be. a big problem for the duo. heroes.

The page has been removed, which serves as further confirmation that Karl Morgenthau will actually be adapted for the MCU and that the information has been leaked in advance. Marvel Studios has yet to comment.

Erin Kellyman as Karli Morgenthau in Series: Comic Book Character will be Adapted for the MCU

Who is stateless?

A villain in the classic Captain America phase in the comics, Stateless Man was created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary and made his first appearance in Captain America # 312, released in 1985. He believed the world needed to put end to the concept of countries and nationalism.

Born in a cradle of gold, he inherited his father’s fortune to finance a terrorist group known as ULTIMATUM, which stands for Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army to Unite Mankind (Fully Integrated Underground Mobile Army to Unite l ‘humanity). A brilliant strategist and an even better fighter, the stateless was well versed in various styles of martial arts and wore an ultra-tough and ingenious outfit, like a pair of lenses in his mask that helped him resist flashes of light. .

His trademark was his weapon, a club studded with incredibly sharp thorns, but he also used submachine guns and a flamethrower pistol. He was so committed to his cause that he became a fanatic, ready to go to the last consequences to destroy the concept of country, nationalism and borders.

Stateless in action: the villain is absolutely fanatic of his goals

Hawk and the Winter Soldier debuts March 19 at Disney +.

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