Elisha Williams to star in series reboot

A reboot of the Amazing Years is coming. The classic series will have a new take on the story that marked a generation, this time telling the story of the life of a black family during the turbulent 1960s. According to Variety, the protagonist of this new series will be played by Elisha Williams.

Williams will be Dean, a 12-year-old boy described as questioning and hopeful. Living in Montgomery, Alabama, Dean tries to find out where he belongs in his family and what his role is in the world. Although unsure of himself and a little quirky and shy, he’s determined to make his mark on the world around him.

Elisha Williams, the protagonist of the reboot, alongside Fred Savage, the protagonist of the original series.

Elisha Williams is known for playing Disney Jr.’s Bingo and Rolly animated series. He has also been involved in Henry Danger and other children’s programs.

Originally aired between 1988 and 1993, Incredible Years was a huge hit, spanning six seasons and 100 episodes. In the plot, we followed the misadventures of Arnold and his family, leading peaceful lives in the 1960s and 1970s. The project was highly awarded at the time, receiving four Emmys and a Golden Globe.

The reboot will be produced by Saladin K. Patterson, Lee Daniels and the star of the original series, Fred Savage, the protagonist of the original series. The story is based on the personal experiences of Saladin K. Patterson, who signs the pilot’s screenplay. The Amazing New Years does not have a release date yet.

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