Dragon Ball Super suggests Vegeta will become a God of Destruction

A new phase begins in Dragon Ball Super with the start of the Granola the Survivor arc. Now, after the great battle against Moro, the heroes take on new directions, seeking to fight for new ideals. Goku must go even further in the domination of High Instinct, while Vegeta resumes his vows to defeat his rival. However, in the new chapter of the manga we have the suggestion that the Prince of the Saiyans might have even greater power.

In Chapter 68 of the recently released manga, we see Goku and Vegeta return to Bills to continue their respective training. On one side, Goku is seen returning to studying the Upper Instinct technique, while Vegeta sneaks up on Bills, who questions him about the idea of ​​improving Upper Instinct as well. Vegeta dismisses him, saying it doesn’t make sense to him, and that’s where the God of Destruction makes his revelation:

“The Higher Instinct is not the only technique of the gods. It is only a specialty of the angels. Or do you really think the Gods of Destruction would run around using a power that demands that your heart be calm and peaceful?

Vegeta is completely impressed with Bills’ statement and asks him to teach him. However, the God of Destruction shows the best of his “lazy” side and refuses to cooperate, leaving the Prince of Saiyans to speak to himself. So the idea remains that we will have a training arc where Vegeta can be apprenticed to Bills.

Of course, this leaves room for several speculations. Most importantly, Vegeta can become a candidate for the “post” of God of Destruction – something that would go very well with the stormy and passionate nature of the anti-hero. However, these are questions that will remain in the future, but it is interesting to see how the character gains much importance and can finally find a way to overcome Goku.

Dragon Ball Super # 68 has yet to be released in Brazil.

Below, meet all of the Gods of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super:

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