Dragon Ball Super presents special powers of new villain Granolah

The Dragon Ball Super manga revealed Granolah’s special powers. Featured as a bounty hunter who hunted the last androids OG73-1 as part of his job, the new villain had more details about himself in the new chapter of the series (via CB).

Not only do we see a few examples of his greatest abilities, but at the end of the manga we find out just how dangerous Granolah can really be. Belonging to the Cerelian race – people exterminated by Freeza and the Saiyans in the past – the Warrior has an eye that allows him to shoot targets at long range.

In Chapter 68, Granolah lures a group of Bounty Hunters into a trap and ends up shooting them from a distance. The villain also uses a kind of ki meter that works like a stun gun.

As if his firepower weren’t enough, Granolah vows to grow even stronger when he finds out that Freeza is alive. Determined to avenge his race, Granolah wants to end Freeza once and for all.

What he doesn’t know, as of now, is that the Saiyans are also alive. What will happen when he finds out is what we expect to see!

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