Disney + is developing series inspired by the theme park

Visiting Disney theme parks is the dream of many Brazilians. This dream will be closer and closer to home, as Disney could produce a Disney + series universe inspired by the Magic Kingdom.

The idea is to replicate the success achieved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this time using series inspired by several popular attractions in Magic Kingdom, the Florida theme park. The information comes directly from the Hollywood Report which says the company hired Ron Moore to oversee the project.

Moore became best known as the co-creator of the For All Mankind series, one of the biggest hits on Apple TV +. For Disney, he’s already hired to co-produce the reboot of The Robinson’s Citadel in a series, which may provide clues to the new shared universe.

“For me, the opportunity to work with Disney properties and their collectibles that meant so much to me as a kid and show my kids was something I couldn’t refuse.” Moore said in an interview with THR.

Park characters have appeared in the new series.

Officially, the first series developed for this universe is The Society of Explorers and Adventurers. The series will take place in a world where characters from the park’s attractions coexist with classic Disney films.

The plot may feature characters from the project’s next series, such as the captain of the Jungle Cruise ship and the Big Thunder Mountain prospector. If successful, Moore will be given the green light to adapt other attractions, which could even mean a new Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Magic Kingdom is divided into six areas which should inspire your own series. We have the main street; Liberty Square; Frontierland, which has huge water slides and roller coasters; and Fantasyland, with a Snow White and Dumbo themed roller coaster.

Tomorrowland inspired another Disney film.

In addition to these, we have two well-known areas in theaters. Tomorrowland has already been adapted into a film of the same name, while Adventureland is home to Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise – which hits theaters in 2021.

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