Disney Channel announces superhero comedy series

Not only Marvel and DC Comics will live the man! With more and more productions on the heroic universe, Disney Channel announced the comedy series Ultra Violet & Blue Demon. As is evident from the first image, the series will be inspired by (and featuring) Mexican wrestler Blue Demon Jr.

The synopsis sent to the press (via CBR) reveals that Violet – played by Scarlett Estevez – will be Blue Demon’s niece, chosen by a magical fighter mask. From then on, she will become Ultra, the “successor heroine” of her famous uncle, but to win this title, she will have to train with Blue Demon and meet the challenges of school. Together, this family will learn to face crime in a more modern way.

The casting is completed by Marianna Burelli and Juan Alfonso as Nina and Sebastian, Violet’s parents, Brandon Rossel as Miguelito, the girl’s brother, Zelia Ankrum as Trudy, the protagonist’s great friend and Bryan Blanco as Enrique Diaz-Diaz, Violet’s little boy, classmate.

Ultra Violet & Blue Demon new upcoming Disney Channel series

Disney Vice President of Brand Development Rafael Gargia spoke about the project:

“Blue Demon Jr. is a Mexican cultural icon and we can’t wait to present it (along with the mythology of the luchadores) to our audiences. With Violet and her family, we have the opportunity to present an authentically Mexican-American family, in a series that combines humor and adventure in a Latin blend of the superhero genre.

As of this writing, Ultra Violet & Blue Demon has no release date.

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