Disney + blocks classic kid profile movies for racist content

Times have changed and society has changed a lot in recent decades. To continue to reproduce the harmful ideas that have gone unnoticed in the last century is to go back. To avoid this, Disney has decided to be more careful in the children’s films that it makes available on Disney + (via CBR).

Movies that contain offensive portrayals of Indigenous cultures, like Peter Pan, or hostile cartoons of blacks, like Dumbo, can no longer be found or accessed by profiles of children under the age of 7.

For other users, these films remain fully available. However, before viewing them, a 12 second warning is displayed explaining the negative impacts these works have had on the lives of thousands of people around the world.

In addition to Dumbo and Peter Pan, the Aristogatas and The Robinsons’ Citadel films were also restricted.

The idea of ​​the restriction is to ensure that children only have access to this negative content at an age when they have sufficient discernment to understand that the values ​​expressed in these works can still cause suffering to an entire part of the body. population.

The decision to keep the content for other users is a way to respect the pain of all these years, take responsibility for the mistake, and work to build a better future. After all, although it is impossible to forget since these representations brought consequences seen until today, it is important to bring about a healthy dialogue on the subject.

Dumbo sparrows directly refer to racist advertisements.

In an age when businesses are forced to deal with the mistakes of the past, this seems to be one of the more mature approaches to the problem. Do you agree with Disney’s attitude? Be sure to comment!

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