Disney announces postponement of Kingsman and other Fox films

Finally, the long-awaited Covid-19 vaccine is among us, but as governments around the world begin to move to vaccinate their vaccinations, new films are affected by the pandemic scenario. Continuing the wave of postponements, this time Disney announced the delay of several 20th Century Fox productions (via CB).

The main reason is the new peak in cases around the world after the holidays. The company has no way of guaranteeing that theaters are open on previous release dates, or even that people would be willing to go to the movies with the force that Disney would like.

Although difficult, the decision appears to be the necessary strategy at the moment. Consult the list of films concerned:

King’s Man: the origin

The Kingsman franchise is back to reveal the secrets behind the creation of the famous secret organization. The first film marked action fans with an epic church scene and since then the franchise has been synonymous with surreal sequences. A new group of tyrants are planning to start a catastrophic war and the king’s agents will have to stop them. King’s Man: The Origin, which would launch on February 28, has been postponed until August 20.

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie

Anyone who is a fan of Simpsons and other Fox Channel animations may have heard of Bob’s Burgers. Even though not that popular in Brazil, the restaurant stories of Bob Belcher and his family are so funny that they have already served over 11 seasons with no end in sight. Unfortunately, the musical film that was slated for April does not have a release date, which could mean a possible cancellation or it will land directly on Star +.

Ron went wrong

There wasn’t much information or disclosure about Ron’s Gone Wrong (“Ron got it wrong”), so it’s not even surprising that he was postponed yet again. It will be a 3D animated film from Fox, where a boy who doesn’t know how to interact with other children ends up making a robot friend. The story will show the evolution of this friendship and the difficulties of connection that arose in the age of social networks. Previously scheduled for April, the film will hit theaters on October 22.

The night house

Under the Searchlight label, The Night House is an independent film that will be released on Fox. It stars Rebecca Hall and tells a supernatural thriller about a widow who ends up uncovering terrifying secrets about her late husband. The film is scheduled to open on July 16.

Tammy Faye’s eyes

The Eyes of Tammy Faye (“The Eyes of Tammy Faye”) is a drama based on a documentary about the life of Nun Tammy Faye. The film will chronicle her surprising rise, fall and redemption, alongside her husband Jim Bakker (played by Andrew Garfield) in the 1980s. The film will be released in a limited series on September 24.


Another independent Fox film that has been adopted by Disney is Antlers (“Horns”). Produced by Guillermo del Toro, this horror story shows a teacher and her brother, the sheriff of a remote Oregon town, investigating the supernatural secrets of one of the students. Secrets that end up awakening an ancestral creature. The movie now doesn’t arrive until October 29, the eve of Halloween.

The alley of lost souls

Directed by Guillermo Del Toro and starring a spectacular cast including Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett, The Alley of Lost Souls is a reboot of a 1940s psychological horror. An ambitious young man with a knack for manipulating people joins a psychiatrist even more dangerous than him. The film now opens on December 3.

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