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Along with super charismatic characters and a fascinating world, Jujutsu Kaisen also showcased powers and techniques worthy of the best anime – whether from the heroes or villains side.

In the universe of Jujutsu, people with cursed energy, with the chance to become wizards or curse users, can wear two main types of techniques: hereditary techniques and innate techniques. It is the difference between what is transmitted by a lineage and what is unique to an individual.

Hereditary Techniques, as the name suggests, are cursed energy manipulation skills passed down from generation to generation by major wizarding families. This is the case of Mukagen, Satoru or Sekketsu Söjutsu, of Noritoshi, descendants of the largest clans of jujutsu – Gojo and Kamo, respectively. These techniques are generally more powerful because they have been refined over the centuries.

Innate Techniques are the individual’s own skills, marked on him at the time of his birth. They are not unique, after all there are similar points between each manipulation of cursed energy, but they do not depend on genetic inheritance. This is the case of Sürei Juhö, of Nobara, and of Boogie Woogie, of Todou.

Below I have separated the most powerful techniques ever shown in the anime! Of course, SPOILERS from Jujutsu Kaisen’s first season to follow.

Hereditary techniques

Mukagen (unlimited)

Gojo also relies on Rokugan, the Six Eyes, to strengthen Mukagen.

Mukagen, also called “Limitless” in English, and “Unlimited” here, is the hereditary technique of Clan Gojo. This is one of Jujutsu Kaisen’s scariest skills, when its user can manipulate the cursed energy of space at atomic levels, allowing him to remain virtually invincible.

In the anime, the one who uses Mukagen is Satoru Gojo, considered the greatest jujutsu wizard of the generation. Gojo has improved his technique to the max, spawning things like Mugen (Infinito), where he manipulates space to create an “endless” barrier around his body or to move quickly, even managing to fly.

Plus, we’ve seen some of Mukagen’s devastating offensive power. Gojo names his main techniques after the primary colors; to create even more powerful abilities, he combines two of his original powers (mixing two colors), generating something new and almost indescribable.

His most recent power shown in the anime is Hollow Purple (Purple Void), which combines the forces of attraction and repulsion, generating energy that erases everything he touches from existence.

Sekketsu Sōjutsu (blood manipulation)

Noritoshi used a bit of blood manipulation in his fight against Megumi and then Hanami.

In the Jujutsu school exchange arc, we were introduced to a member of the Kamo clan in the anime – one of the top three witchcraft families. Noritoshi Kamo, from the Kyoto school, then showed a bit of one of the most powerful jujutsu techniques: Sekketsu Söjutsu, the manipulation of blood.

Sekketsu Söjutsu is a technique inherited from the Kamo clan and only the main line – with a few exceptions – can learn it. And that’s exactly what the name suggests: the wizard uses cursed energy to manipulate his own blood, either to improve his body, or to turn it into a weapon.

With Sekketsu Söjutsu, the wizard has complete power over the transformation of blood – but only his own, from no one else. Using cursed energy, it can manipulate temperature, pulse, cell count, etc., ensuring you improved physical and regenerative capacity. Imagine something like Luffy’s Gear 2 in One Piece, for example.

In offensive attacks, the sorcerer of Sekketsu Söjutsu then uses his blood as a weapon. Usually carrying bags with his blood, he manages to transform the liquid into anything he wants, be it arrows, traps or blades. Due to the manipulation and cursed energy used, most of the attacks are fatal and feared by the entire jujutsu community.

Tokusa no Kage Bōjutsu (Ten Shadows Technique)

Megumi’s main Shikigamis are Wolves and Nue.

The first cursed skill we see in the anime is one of the main hereditary powers of jujutsu, coming from the Zenin clan. Megumi is a Tokusa user in Kage Böjutsu, the Ten Shadows Technique – which has piqued the interest of even the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna.

With this technique, the sorcerer uses the shadows as an “intermediary” agent to summon the Shikigamis into battle. Shikigamis are cursed spirits who serve as wizards’ combat companions. Tokusa users in Kage Böjutsu can only control ten Shikigamis at a time, who, if killed in battle, will not return, but their “spirit” reinforces the next.

In Megumi’s case, he uses his shadows not only offensively, but to store cursed tools that he himself uses in melee.

Several points of this technique and its uses suggest a connection with another famous and feared skill in the world of jujutsu: Jurei Sōjutsu, the manipulation of cursed spirits.

Jugon (cursed word)

The marks on the mouth and the tongue of the Toge are part of the Jugon.

Perhaps one of the coolest powers in Jujutsu to date, the Jugon – Cursed Word – is the hereditary ability of the Inumaki family, used in the anime by Toge.

Jugon is an extremely powerful technique and perhaps one of the most difficult to master completely. In it, the user imbues his words with cursed energy, forcing those who listen to him to obey him.

This is not simply a “brainwashing”, but a manipulation of the target’s body: Toge uses the Jugon to attack his enemies and if he says “explode” they will explode.

Because he is so dangerous, Toge limits his vocabulary to words that do not contain any type of “order”, so that he does not use his power unknowingly. This is a matter of character, however, and not a general rule for Jugon users.

Yet, it is also a dangerous skill for those who use it. The cursed energy used in the words hurts the wizard’s throat and, if the use is overdone, can leave him speechless forever.

Innate techniques

Sūrei Juhō (Straw Puppet Technique)

Nobara uses a hammer and special nails in his technique.

Speaking now of innate techniques, one of the most interesting – and little explored (so far) – shown to Jujutsu is that of Nobara, the Sürei Juhö.

Even though the name of the technique is “Straw Doll Technique”, the doll itself is not the primary one here. Using a hammer and nails, Nobara is able to transmit her own cursed energy to wherever her attacks strike, generating explosive energy flows.

She is able to create traps with her special nails and manipulate them in space as she sees fit. The general idea here is to create a cursed energy transmission network with Nobara at the helm.

But, of course, the straw doll is also important. If Nobara receives hair, blood, or whatever “connects” her to the enemy, she creates a cursed bond between the object and the target. Then things basically work like a voodoo doll and the nails she hammers on the doll make it resonate with the enemy.

Boogie Woogie

Todou only uses Boogie Woogie on strong enemies.

The only technique here that doesn’t have a translation, Todou’s secret skill has taken a lot of people by surprise. After all, Boogie Woogie is essentially an applause-activated surrogate power.

It is one of those powers that is great when the user knows how to use it. This is because it allows the wizard to switch places with anyone or anything that has a certain level of cursed energy when clapping. It’s pretty straightforward, but, as we’ve seen, it can be used to create an insane battle.

Also, the user can make exchanges that do not involve him between things and beings. As long as they are two different things and with cursed energy at the right level, the exchange can take place.

Mui Tenpen (inactive transfiguration)

Mahito uses his technique to manipulate the human form and uses them as a weapon.

But how about talking about the skills of one of the villains? Among the cursed spirits that we know so far, the one who has shown a definite technique the most is also the most “human” of them: Mahito with his Mui Tenpen, the idle metamorphosis.

As we have seen in several cases, the most powerful cursed spirits, endowed with human intellect and communication skills, manipulate cursed energy in more refined ways, as jujutsu wizards do. It’s not just blasts of energy and devastation.

In Mahito’s case, as he is the curse born out of humanity’s fear of the human being himself, his innate ability is quite characteristic. With his cursed energy, Mahito is able to manipulate and control human souls through touch. And, as established in jujutsu, when the soul is what shapes the body, it has the power to manipulate the human constitution itself.

Along with Mui Tenpen, Mahito just needs a quick tap on ordinary humans to do his job. The technique is slower with jujutsu wizards, but since most don’t know how to protect their own soul, it’s just as safe.

So what is Jujutsu Kaisen’s favorite technique? Do not forget to comment!

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