Director reveals inspiration behind brutal gameplay moment

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Golf clubs may not look like them, but they are certainly quite dangerous, especially when used quickly and quickly. Still, many players were confused when in The Last of Us Part II a golf club was used in one of the video game world’s most controversial scenes in recent years.

The scene in question shows Abby killing Joel with a golf club. After the scene was leaked to the internet, several people created memes with the character’s weapon of choice. Now Game Director Neil Druckmann has explained the inspiration behind the choice of golf club.

Abby and her golf club; Joel’s death caused a lot of controversy.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Druckmann revealed that the scene was inspired by an accident he had when he was 16. He was hit by a golf club and received 30 points and a permanent mark on his skull.

“My friend liked it [de golfe]. He invited me to go to a golf course, he was showing me what it looked like. I came up behind him and was hit by his swing. It was blood everywhere ”.

Still, according to the story director, Abby wouldn’t always use a golf club. Originally the plan was for her to use a knife to cripple him, however, as the game developed they noticed that the knife was a more connected element to Ellie. “The knife was really Ellie’s business. So we wanted something different ”.

Despite the controversy, The Last of Us Part II became the sixth best-selling game of 2020, something quite big for a fully single player game and exclusive to PlayStation 4. Not to mention the many awards and nominations the game has received. .

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