Director reveals details of initial fight scene in cinema

Mortal Kombat fans got a big surprise when the first images of the new game adaptation were released, showing a very faithful look to the characters. In addition to the footage, EW also interviewed the film’s director, Simon McQuoid, who revealed what the opening scene will be: a fight scene between Scorpion and Sub-Zero, before they become the assassins and the bloodthirsty fighters with special powers.

The director began by talking about the importance of the kunai in the plot, the weapon of Hanzo Hasashi, the Scorpion. He said:

“We did some research and the kunai was actually a Japanese gardening tool. One of the first scenes in the film is therefore the kunai blade used for gardening by Hanzo’s wife ”.

Still, according to the director, the film will begin with an important plot of the games: the rivalry between the Hanzo clans and Bi-Han, the first Sub-Zero. According to the post, the opening sequence has 10 minutes set in feudal Japan, long before the characters became Scorpion and Sub-Zero, ending in a “very violent hand-to-hand fight” between them.

McQuoid also explained the creation of the scene, saying:

“[A história de Bi-Han e Hanzo] had to be said in the fight. It has great camera movements which add a bit of vibrancy, which makes it very enjoyable. We wanted it to be very basic and very brutal. It’s not a polished film… I wanted it to be dirty and dirt to show up ”.

Actor Hiroyuki Sanada (Wolverine: Immortal), who will play Scorpion, also spoke about the plot of the film and his character:

“[Hanzo] he is the leader of a ninja clan and he is strong, but also … at the beginning, he is a peaceful family man. [O filme] it’s like a family drama with extremely brutal struggles. It is the image of the film for me ”.

Mortal Kombat opens on April 16, 2021, arriving in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously.

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