Director comments on bizarre Blu-ray coverage

One of the most exciting films of recent years, Entre Facas e Segredos has acquired a great repercussion between the public and the critics. The feature film is part of the murder mystery subgenre – it follows a detective, played by Daniel Craig, who must investigate a family after the sudden death of his patriarch, a famous detective novelist.

The film recently won a new blu-ray edition in the United States and quickly gained the attention of fans for its cover art. The image itself isn’t that ugly, but it doesn’t match the movie at all. Here, Benoit Blanc (the detective played by Craig) is seen in black and white, with high contrast that makes his hair appear to have lights on. On top of that, we still have some colored “spots”, which look like graphite.

One fan took a picture of these new editions and shared it on Twitter saying, “This is the silliest cover I’ve ever seen.” However, the post caught the attention of none other than Rian Johnson, the director of the feature film. In a comment on the original post, he just said, “I … I have no idea what this is.”

Cover of the new blu-ray version of Entre Knives and Secrets.

We still don’t know who made the decision to launch this cover, but rumors are circulating that Walmart, a very popular supermarket chain in the United States (and which has Brazilian branches) is releasing new versions for the blu rays of. very successful films. This is perhaps one of the justifications for the quality and questionable craftsmanship of the new cover.

With an ugly blu-ray or not, Between Knives and Secrets has been such a box office success that Lionsgate has already given the green light for a sequel, which will also be directed by Rian Johnson. Following the molds of the works of Agatha Christie, the sequel will only bring back Benoit Blanc, this time investigating another mystery, with other characters and a new cast.

Between Knives and Secrets is available on DVD and digitally. You can also watch the movie on Prime Video.

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