Details revealed about Wok’s Sokovian song

Warning: spoiler alert!

The third episode of WandaVision brought several unexpected situations, in addition to many references to Wanda’s past, who remembers her brother, Pietro, she also sings a lullaby in her native Sokovian language. Revealing more about the song, Marvel not only released their translation, but also commented on the show’s executive producer Jac Schaeffer on how the song was written.

Marvel has released, in addition to the lyrics and the translation of the song, a sheet music for those who wish to play it. You can check both below (comic):

“Song of the Sokoviana Lullaby”
We were waiting for you
‘mi t͡ʃaˈjaɫəm tie
Now you are here
ˈƩiɪdeŋ ˈti and ˈʃte
More perfect than i imagined
Wdrage wo t͡sto ˈmisliɫəm
Our house is now a house (our house is now a nest)
Ʃdom naʃ ˈʃiɪdeŋ ˈgnieʒdo
No matter where you go
bez veˈdeɪ̆ doˈkude ˈjit͡ʃiʃ
The sunlight will shine on you
ˈƩiʒa ˈsunt͡so nad tiˈe

Schaeffer, who in addition to being an executive producer is primarily responsible for writing the series, was the one who composed the song, which was later translated into Sokovian by Courtney Young, the series’ language coach. ie the specialist responsible for the languages ​​they use. Commenting on the song’s lyrics, Schaeffer said the song was unrelated to the series’ great mystery:

“This is not the great mystery of the series. In my mind, at that point, it was like a heartfelt version of a TV sitcom’s theme song, like a song from the heart truly in its native language. The last part, on the rays of the sun … It’s old-fashioned but I’ll tell you, there was a song in my prenatal gym class that was full of nonsense; this last verse refers to the ancient sun on which we sang. It was my first baby and I sang it for him, so it’s just a little thing for my own son.

As well as being an interesting reference to Wanda’s origins, the lyrics really suggest the tenderness the character seems to feel for her children while singing. The fourth episode of WandaVision released today on Disney +, and while it didn’t make any more connections to the character’s past, it did provide answers to the series’ mysteries, in addition to connecting the series even more directly to the MCU.

So, what did you think of the lyrics of the Sokovian lullaby? Be sure to comment!

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