Despite the cancellation, Neil Gaiman confirms the series is not over yet

Earlier this week, American Gods fans received the sad news that the series had been canceled. Now, however, the show’s executive producer and original story writer Neil Gaiman has confirmed that the show isn’t exactly “dead.”

On Twitter, fans suggested Neil Gaiman make a deal with Netflix, home of the upcoming Sandman series, to keep American Gods from being canceled. The artist was specific in suggesting that there is an interest on the part of the US Team of Gods in continuing the series on another platform.

See what he said:

“The show is certainly not dead. I am grateful to the Starz team for the American Gods’ journey so far. Fremantle (who makes American Gods) is committed to completing the story that started in Episode 1, and now we’re all waiting to see where to go and who with.

American Gods had 3 seasons before being canceled

When the cancellation was announced, some reports from inside sources suggested that the producers were willing to release some sort of special in order to end the series for good. However, nothing has been formalized.

American Gods had a somewhat troubled production. Series creators Michael Green and Bryan Fuller oversaw the first season, but left the series afterward. Then, several actors left the production, including Gillian Anderson and Orlando Jones.

So, are you hoping the American Gods will continue on another platform? Comment!

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