Deleted scene reportedly shows rabbit Agatha’s true identity

WandaVision concluded its story by showing some exciting moments and a powerful battle between witches, but originally the series would have a lot more to come to an end. According to Matt Shackman, director of the series, a lot had to be cut from the end, including a battle against Señor Scratchy, who would prove to be a great demon.

During an interview for the Fatman Beyond program, Shackman explained that due to the pandemic, a lot needs to be changed in the series:

“Well, yeah, things were constantly changing and being broken. The story was changing, basically much of the real world was affecting the ending. There was a lot of experimentation and an attempt to do things differently. At one point we had 10 episodes planned and ended up dropping a few, you know, just to keep the pace a little better. But yeah, they were constantly changing and then of course once we finished filming in Atlanta the pandemic came along and we got stuck for months so new changes came during that time when we were shooting. post-production then the ideas came in and resulted in small changes.

One of the biggest changes involved an entire action arc in the last episode. Darcy, Monica, Ralph (the Fietro) and the children would join forces in an attempt to steal Agatha’s Darkhold, only to be faced with Señor Scratchy who would turn out to be a great demon:

“We had something bigger planned for Señor Scratchy, something that we ended up not being able to do because the ending would be totally different, with so many elements in play. We had a whole streak where Darcy, Monica, Ralph were meeting the children at Agatha’s and trying to steal the Darkhold from the basement. The children would have seen the book when they were held hostage in it, then when they approached to pick up the book, the rabbit would jump in front of them. Everyone would be like “Oh, Señor Scratchy!” then it would hiss and start to transform and the bunny would become this great demon, which is a familiar. And then they should do everything to try to escape the rabbit. We filmed this, but we couldn’t finalize the effects of the footage. It was amazing, a super fun scene, but we ended up deleting it because it was so out of sync with what was going on there. So yeah, Señor Scratchy had more [de trama]. ”

No harmless rabbit! Señor Scratchy would be a great demon in WandaVision

Check out the moment Shackman talks about the scene involving the rabbit:

Apparently, the series could have concluded the plot in a very different way. Would you like to see the Demonic Rabbit in action? Comment!

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