DC villain fails to cope with Superman with contraband kryptonite

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

It’s nothing new that in order to take on someone as powerful as Superman, villains need certain perks. Whether it is with the help of cutting edge technology, magic or good old kryptonite, it is only with this little extra that the antagonists have the chance to defeat a hero with so many powers and if resistant to ordinary weapons. But the new volume of Truth & Justice, a DC anthology focused on several of the publisher’s great characters, has shown that there is no kryptonite to go up against Superman anywhere (via CBR).

The villainous Master Prisoner, perhaps best known to some of the public for his version that appears in the first season of the Supergirl series, learned his lesson the hard way in Truth & Justice # 6, a story made by Brandon Easton , Jahnoy Lindsay, Marissa Louise and AndWorld Design.

In the plot, the antagonist, real name Carl Draper, uses chains of red kryptonite to trap the hero and weaken him. But, before killing him, the villain reveals his plans to Superman, saying he intends to use his powers to teleport black men out of prisons, so they can find their family members, receiving money to do it.

As if exploiting families was not enough, Mestre Carcereiro recounts the even worse intention of his plans: he would earn money by improving the prisons, given his experience in the region, at the same time he would throw the public opinion against suspected fugitives. . This shows the racist character of the villain, in addition to making matters worse for the people he purports to help, who would suffer even more from the increase in prejudice, in addition to receiving even harsher penalties.

The hero breaks free from the chains.

However, as Carl tells all about his plan, Superman realizes that the chains used to hold him back are actually steel, not red kryptonite, as it initially appears to be. Only their coating contains kryptonite powder, which briefly weakens the hero at first, but it’s not a strong or long-lasting effect. Thus, Superman regains his strength and breaks free, causing all the soldiers to flee, except Carl.

Once free, Superman isn’t even scared of the green kryptonite handcuffs the jailer takes to scare him, and renders them unusable in a very simple way, melting the wall with his vision of heat to cover them up. He also uses his power against Carl’s costume and makes it very clear that he will find a prison for the villain who can stop him, so he can experience what he has done with the others.

The hero melts the wall to make the kryptonite handcuffs unnecessary.

The volume shows that the master prisoner’s problem was not the lack of money, but his petty attitude, which led him to buy shoddy goods to use against Superman, which turned out to be a loophole. criticism in the villain’s plan, resulting in your defeat.

Despite this, the hero will still have to investigate the currents, because although they are not that dangerous on their own, they had some effect and in sufficient quantity they could have far more dire consequences for him.

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