DC talks about Wonder Woman’s future in the Future State

Warning: spoiler alert!

Future State is making several changes to the DC Universe, like Brazilian Wonder Woman, Yara Flor. However, that doesn’t mean our beloved Amazonian princess, Diana Prince, is out of place. In Immortal Wonder Woman # 1 (via CB), we find that Diana still has a very important role at the end of time.

Before talking about the future, we need to understand the present. The conclusion to DC Comics’ latest saga, Dark Nights: Death Metal, was not very kind to Diana. She had to sacrifice her existence in the present to save the omniverse.

His stories in Future State take place at the other end of the official DC timeline, precisely at the end of time. She is one of the only heroines left thanks to her immortality and will have to defend what is left of Earth. Batman hasn’t been around for long, but among the wreckage of the Batcave, her memory reminds her why she still cares about the world.

The absence of Batman had a big impact on Diana.

In this first edition of HQ, Diana faces several puzzling situations. If Darkseid’s looming threat wasn’t enough, his Amazon sisters have their own brutal plans for Earth’s fate.

But Darkseid is more ruthless than ever. Throughout the edit, he decimates the Amazons, destroys what’s left of the Swamp Monster, and even defeats a much older version of Superman. The battle will be tough, but Diana promises the Swamp Monster that her death will not be in vain.

Can Wonder Woman save the planet’s future on its own? Be sure to comment!

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