DC shows who will take on the Flash role in new phase of comics

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

This week, DC Comics kicked off a new event to relaunch their universe with Infinite Frontier # 0. The volume, which takes place after the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, showed different parts of the publisher’s universe, setting up what’s to come for various heroes throughout this year. One of those heroes is Flash, and his participation came with a revelation about the sprinter’s future.

In the story, Barry Allen appears in the home of the Justice Incarnate hero group, which is made up of members from many different parts of the multiverse (via comic book). There he appears to be overseeing DC’s expanding multiverse, while President Superman says that “most worlds have returned after being destroyed, but some have restarted their stories.”

When Wally West arrives, Barry mentions that he is considering an offer he has received, revealing that he has been invited to join Justice Incarnate as one of those responsible for protecting the Multiverse. The older sprinter is then asked who will be the Flash in his absence, to which he replies that the one who takes over will be Wally himself.

Barry declares that Wally will be the Flash now.

Despite this, the passage implies that Barry will continue his journey as a hero, and is expected to appear in DC’s new phase posts as part of Justice Incarnate. The character also makes it clear that he will appear if needed, which leaves open the possibility that he will return, at least in brief appearances, to assist the new Flash.

As the scene itself acknowledges, this won’t be the first time Wally has taken on the role, a reason Barry cites as part of what drove him to make that choice, as the youngest hero took on the role. already shown capable of fulfilling the role.

The story of the two will continue in Flash # 768, the synopsis of which says:

“Wally West’s retreat begins! After the events of the DC Universe throughout Rebirth to Heroes in Crisis and arriving at Dark Nights: Death Metal, the hero formerly known as Kid Flash decides it’s time to stop. But the current Flash needs its former partner more than ever. When the remnants of Infinite Frontier hit the Flash, Barry Allen and Wally West must face the past through the Justice League ruled by Green Arrow.

Infinite Frontier will continue throughout the year and feature a six-volume event that kicks off mid-year during the summer.

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