DC reveals who will inherit Bruce Wayne’s fortune in the comics

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

The Batman / Catwoman miniseries, which features Gotham City and its heroes and villains decades into the future, continues to roll in the United States, where audiences follow the aftermath of Batman’s death and how it reverberates through the characters. Now, in the new edition of the miniseries, DC Comics has revealed who will inherit the enormous fortune from Bruce Wayne.

Previously on Batman / Catwoman …

In a few years into the future, Batman / Catwoman showed that the Dark Knight ended up developing cancer and dying. Previous stories signed by screenwriter Tom King, who is also working on this miniseries, imply that he fell ill after a duel with the evil Doctor Phosphorus, but was unable to recover from the illness in time. to save themselves.

The whole bat family continued on their way after that. Dick Grayson replaced Jim Gordon and became Gotham City Police Commissioner, the former Robins each followed their fate and Selina Kyle, Bruce Wayne’s widow, inherited the late husband’s fortune. The anti-heroine had a daughter with Bruce named Helena, who is the only one to follow in her father’s footsteps, defending the city under the nickname Batwoman.

More importantly: a week after Batman’s death, the Joker is found dead and the new Batwoman decides to investigate the case. Fans, however, already know what happened: Catwoman killed the villain shortly after her husband died.

Helena Wayne continues to fight for a safe Gotham in her father’s absence

Batman’s heiress

Here we have arrived at Batman / Catwoman # 3 (via CBR), which recently launched in the US. In the edit, Dick Grayson has a conversation with Helena Wayne about the case of the Joker’s death at the bat signal, as Gordon and Batman did in their day. Upon learning of the case, the new Batwoman decides to leave town to investigate from another angle, but not before telling her mother everything over dinner at Wayne Mansion.

While sharing the information she received from Dick with Selina Kyle, the former Catwoman tells her that Bruce Wayne’s assets finally have a good destination and that she is the sole heir to her late husband’s entire fortune. . Selina also says that when she dies all of Bruce’s assets and money will go to Helena.

Selina Kyle reveals to Helena that in time she will inherit all of Bruce’s fortune

Strangely, Bruce Wayne’s will shown before the Joker War saga revealed that Batman had five beneficiaries, including Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth, and Damian Wayne. However, at some point everything changed. What happened to the bat family? It is a subject for the next editions.

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