DC is developing a hero movie

Warner Bros., DC Films and Chernin Entertainment are developing a Man-Hour movie, according to Deadline. According to the website, the script is already being written by Gavin James and Neil Widener, but there is no more information at this time, including, or on which incarnation of the hero should be the highlight. functionality.

James and Widener are not famous names in the movie industry and have so far worked on smaller and fewer projects, but Widener has also been announced as a screenwriter for San Andreas 2 and Trick Master 3. So far , the film has neither director nor actors. linked to production.

With the Black Adam movie promising to bring Justice Society to theaters, there’s a good chance we’ll see more classic heroes making the team envisioned for future DC films.

The man of the hour

In the comics there are two versions of the hero, the first is Rex Tyler and the second is his son, Rick Tyler. The two gain strength with the help of a synthetic drug created by Rex called Miraclo. When ingesting the Miraclo, they gain several skills over an hour, including super strength, durability, increased stamina, and higher speed. In addition, they also acquire the ability of night vision and to survive underwater.

Rex Tyler was the hero of DC’s Golden Age, being one of the most adored members of the Justice Society of America. His son, Rick Tyler became the Man-Hour after the Crisis in Infinite Earths and became the main version of the hero in DC comics.

The character was originally created by writer Ken Fitch and artist Bernard Baily in Adventure Comics # 48, released in April 1940.

Other versions

The Hour Man recently appeared in two DC series. In Legends of Tomorrow, Rex Tyler appears at the start of the series, played by Patrick J. Adams. In Stargirl, the hero matters more, with Rex and Rick Tyler appearing, played by Lou Ferrigno Jr. and Cameron Gellman respectively; in the series, Rick is part of the new version of Justice Society and is one of the protagonists.

Cameron Gellman as Rick Tyler, the Man-Hour, in Stargirl

In 2013, news emerged that the CW was developing a series about the hero, which would focus on a version of Rex Tyler who, plagued with visions of the future, creates a drug that would give him superpowers. However, despite having a screenwriter, showrunner, and producers, the idea didn’t come to fruition.

In the comics, the Man of the Hour is an important member of the Justice Society. Meet other team members here:

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