DC Introduces New Villain Look, Miracle Molly

Under the command of James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez, Batman found several new characters in the comics, as was the case with Punchline, Clownhunter, and Ghostmaker. The duo continue to bring new inhabitants to Gotham City, as well as new antagonists the Dark Knight will have to contend with, the latest addition being Miracle Molly, a villain whose look appears to have been inspired by the cyberpunk aesthetic. (via ComicBook).

Batman’s introduction to Miracle Molly takes place in Batman # 108, in which the hero disguises himself to learn more about the emergence of the Unsanity Collective, an English term which can mean madness, but is also used to refer to the act of ignoring reality. , or to indicate someone who sees reality differently from the real world. Miracle Molly is the second in charge of the transhumanist collective, being an engineer and a genius capable of fixing any kind of technology.

The character’s look, which you can check out below, is quite colorful and flashy, and the combination of those elements with tech seems to have a cyberpunk aesthetic as a base:

Miracle Molly is the Dark Knight’s new villain

The appearance of the character and the objectives of the Collective, however, are only some of the mysteries that the Batman will have to unravel during this mission. He will also have to find out what the Scarecrow’s plans are and what Simon Saint plans for A-Day survivor Sean Mahoney, as well as how it all relates to Mayor Christopher Nakano and the Magistrate.

In addition to the look of Miracle Molly, images from the volume have been released, which will feature 40 pages and also bring the second part of Legend of the Ghost-Maker, a side story written by Tynion and illustrated by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz. You can see the covers of Batman # 108 and some of his pages in the gallery below:

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