DC honors Robert Pattinson’s Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman on new cover

The cover of the new DC Essential Graphic Novels, a sort of DC’s annual guide to bookstores and libraries, paid homage to two film versions of its main heroes.

The Guide is a book published annually since 2013 – except last year – that introduces new comic book readers whose comics are essential to accompany the DC Universe. The covers of the editions almost always show the company’s own characters reading the brand’s headlines.

However, the 2021 edition of the guide contains references to some live versions of the heroes. On the cover, you can see Wonder Woman from the 1984 Wonder Woman movie wearing her golden armor, as well as Batman wearing the Robert Pattinson costume from the hero’s upcoming feature film, The Batman.

Additionally, the CW series’ Javicia Leslie’s Batwoman is also on the cover.


DC is one of the world’s most famous comic book publishers, having been responsible for some of the genre’s most acclaimed graphic novels, such as Watchmen, The Dead Joke, Dark Knight, and V for Vendetta.

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