DC Comics will have a new version of Thor

The future of DC Comics surprises everyone with the Future State event, but things promise to heat up even more in the publisher’s next phase: Infinite Frontier. Wonder Woman will be in good company, as the famous God of Thunder, Thor, will be in your magazines’ next arc (via ScreenRant).

We’re not talking about the Marvel hero best known for his participation in the Avengers. The Thor that appears in the Wonder Woman stories is taken straight from Norse mythology!

Diana herself has a direct connection to Greco-Roman mythology, so it’s common for her stories to clash with the beliefs of other cultures. Different versions of the gods appear all the time. The last time we saw Thor in his stories was in 2017, as a small entry in the Amazon Odyssey arc.

DC Comics’ Thor was red in The Amazon Odyssey

This time around, it looks like the Norse God will be central to the story of Wonder Woman # 772. After encountering memory issues, Diana will be dragged into the Nordic afterlife – Valhalla.

We still don’t know how that arc will develop, but the synopsis for issue 772 promises Asgardian beasts and a clash with the darker version of the Amazon. Thor will guide the Warrior through the Norse lands, so he should have some relevance for some editions. Check out the synopsis:

“Using her mind, Wonder Woman got the better of the beasts of Asgard… For now… But nothing could prepare her for what was to come.” The darker side of the heroine has emerged as a new adversary, and she will need help from an unexpected ally whose thunder ties have inspired countless legends: Thor! Does this team of gods and demigods have what it takes to find out what upset the balance? Or were they doomed to leave everything, including their lives, on the battlefield? Find out how this Nordic story continues! “

Thor helps Diana face her dark side

Written by Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad, Wonder Woman # 772 hits newsstands in the US in May 2021.

Who copied who?

Marvel and DC Comics both took inspiration from Norse myth when writing their stories.

The first successful Thor superhero to succeed in comics appeared on the pages of DC Comics in 1957, in Jack Kirby’s Tales of the Unexpected # 16. It wasn’t until five years later, in 1962, that the god of the thunder appeared in Marvel Comics, in Journey into Mystery # 83, also written by Jack Kirby in partnership with Larry Lieber and Stan Lee.

Marvel’s Thor front cover

Looks like someone was a big fan of Norse mythology, right?

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