DC Comics’ 5 Worst & 5 Best Animated Movies

DC Comics is well known for its comics, but if there’s one branch of the publisher that has thrilled fans over the years, it’s definitely the animations. Since 2007 we have seen a very interesting initiative from DC and Warner Bros. to produce several animated adaptations of arcs, sagas and characters from this fantasy universe, either as independent films or as part of a shared franchise.

Classic stories of Batman, Superman, Justice League and several other heroes were taken for the animations released straight to DVD, some becoming classics among fans of the publisher’s comics. However, every now and then some work has gone way below the quality we expected from this type of production. So here we list the 5 best and 5 worst animated films of DC Comics!

For this list, we ignore movies like Batman: The Ghost Mask, The Teen Titans: Mission Tokyo, The Teen Titans in Action! In Cinemas and Batman of the Future: Return of the Joker, considering that these films are sequences from the respective TV series which were very popular at the time. Additionally, we also left out LEGO Batman: The Movie, as it brings another proposition and is part of the LEGO movie franchise.

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