Daniel Kaluuya talks about the impact of the film

Black Panther went on to become one of the greatest films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even competing for the Oscar for Best Picture and winning awards in three other categories. More than that, the film has become a cultural phenomenon, enchanting thousands of fans around the world. In an interview, actor Daniel Kaluuya spoke about his experience in the film and when he realized Black Panther would be more than just a movie.

In an interview with Variety Actors on Actors, Kaluuya and Tom Holland spoke about their upcoming projects and commented on their experiences with Marvel Studios. When asked if he imagines the size of Black Panther, the actor replied:

“I think it’s something we’ve always been aware of that was bubbling over. There was a day when we did the stunt scene, it’s clear in between takes everyone is on the set, and there were hundreds of people on the set. And we had real percussionists between takes. They played the beat of “Drop It Like It’s Hot” by Snoop Dogg. And then everyone said “Snoop!” Like, literally hundreds of people did that, and when I saw it I was like – yeah, it’s not going to be silent. There was just this energy. We have all been very privileged to be a part of this moment.

Daniel Kaluuya as W’Kabi in Black Panther

Kaluuya continued, speaking of the difficulties of doing something like Black Panther, saying the result was worth it:

“It was like a second. We got to show this world the way we see ourselves, and it’s a Marvel movie. You bring something to the world that does not exist, and it is very difficult because there is no map, there is no pattern. And there are obstacles to doing so. But when people get it and make it theirs, and kids and families go to the movies in costumes, it’s worth it. “

In Black Panther, Daniel Kaluuya plays W’Kabi, T’Challa’s friend who ends up switching sides and supporting Killmonger. Although the actor has shown interest in returning to the role, it has not been confirmed that Kaluuya will be in Black Panther 2.

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