CW orders Powerpuff Girls and Naomi pilot episodes

The CW channel, famous for the Arrowverso series, announced a few months ago that it was developing attractions based on DC Comics superheroine Naomi and the classic cartoon The Powerpuff Girls, which left many people surprised. And it looks like both will really happen, once their pilot episodes are ordered.

According to the CBR site, the CW has confirmed production of the pilot episodes of Naomi and The Powerpuff Girls. This means that only one episode of each series will be produced and then presented to the channel manager, and if approved, they will continue with production for an entire season, making the projects official as series.

Further details on the production of the pilot episodes, such as writers, directors and cast, have yet to be released by The CW, which should arrive within a few months. The start dates of the recordings have not yet been communicated.

What will the Powerpuff Girls series look like?

In August 2020, the CW channel announced that it would be producing a live-action series of The Powerpuff Girls, which would serve as a kind of continuation of the classic drawing and show Lindinha, Florzinha and Docinho disenchanted with life and in need of get back to action.

The series synopsis reads as follows:

“Based on the success of the Cartoon Network created by Craig McCracken, a new series shows the tiny superheroes as disillusioned women in their early twenties, irritated that their childhood wasted fighting crime. Will they agree to meet now that the world needs it more than ever? “

The idea behind the series’ plot is somewhat similar to the concept of Riverdale, which took the characters of Turma do Archie, a sort of American gang of Monica, and placed them in a more serious, adolescent context.

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What will the Naomi series look like?

Naomi, one of the most recent heroines created for DC Comics, is a teenage girl with supernatural skills based on energy manipulation, which also gives her the ability to take on even more powerful form, expanding her gifts. The character made his first appearance in his own magazine, written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker, in 2019.

The TV series will be produced by Ava DuVernay, director of the highly anticipated New Gods movie, also of DC Comics. With her is Jill Blankenship, who previously served as a screenwriter and executive producer on Arrow, the series that kicked off the publisher’s entire television universe.

The project is still in development, but it is already generating expectations among fans who want to see this “new generation” take on Arrowverso.

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The Powerpuff Girls and Naomi don’t have a premiere date.

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