Current manga arc ends devastatingly

The new chapter of the manga My Hero Academia showed the devastating consequences of the war between the heroes and The Paranormal Liberation Front, a powerful organization of villains (via ScreenRant).

The arc that began in Chapter 253 brought a fresh start for the AU students, but also placed them against a flood of enemies, including Nomu and the League of Villains led by the fearsome Tomura Shigaraki. This whole battle spanned 43 manga editions.

And apparently that culminated in the dire situation we see in chapter 296. The manga starts off by showing the city destroyed, with many heroes still trying to save civilians who were trapped in the rubble. We found that over 100 villains managed to escape unscathed, including Shigaraki.

After seeing a panoramic view of the ruined city, the chapter focuses on presenting a group of destroyed students standing in the mask of a prohero, Midnight. She was one of the many casualties of the war, which also includes the villainous Twice and other iconic characters.

The heroine Midnight was one of the victims of the war on the paranormal Liberation Army

The manga Boku No Hero Academia certainly does not choose to hide the tragedy caused by war. The footage serves to illustrate how damaging wars are and how they hurt both sides alike.

With the next edition slated to launch soon, the end of the Paranormal Liberation Front arc leaves fans eager to know which direction the plot will go in, as things don’t end very well for anyone.

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