[Crítica] Super Mario 3D World + Bowser Fury is chaotic, sophisticated, and best with friends

Even with controversial hardware, the Nintendo Wii U has never disappointed in its collection of original games. Super Mario 3D World is such a radiant game that it couldn’t contain itself in console failure and, added to an invigorating new campaign, has taken on new life on Nintendo Switch. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury was born – a celebration of everything the plumber games have done in their history.

Data sheet:

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

Directors: Koichi Hayashida and Kenta Motokura

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Release: February 12

Mario guys!

Once you’ve activated the game, you’ll have a choice of playing Super Mario 3D World – an adventure for up to four players with a classic phased structure – or Bowser’s Fury, an open world in which you must battle the the implacable fury of the king. by Koopas.

Super Mario 3D World is exactly the same as the Wii U game, adapted to take full advantage of the Nintendo Switch. The idea here is to gather friends for a collection of creative 3D scenes, filled with secrets. The main focus is exploration and teamwork, in a way that no other game in the franchise has been able to perform.

In addition to Mario, each player can choose to play with Luigi, Toad, and even the adorable Princess Peach. This time, the monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom has escaped kidnapping by Bowser and joins the team to save the Seven Fairy Princesses of the Kingdom of Anafadas.

The feline power improves the verticality of the heads

Each character has unique abilities, designed to appeal to different types of players. Little Toad, for example, is the fastest of the bunch for those who race against the clock. Peach can float after a jump, bringing more control to those who prefer exploring.

The solution is exploration

Exploration is essential to find the green stars and hidden stamps at each stage. Collecting everyone takes determination, curiosity and skill. Those who succeed are rewarded with even more levels to have fun.

3D World has also introduced two new power-ups – superguizos and duplicerejas – which invest in improving the two main pillars of this experience: phase verticality and cooperation.

Duplicerejas invoke the chaos of multiplayer even when you’re alone.

Superguises transform you into a cute feline version that can explore every nook and cranny of the scene. This power is one of the keys to the game’s success with its various audiences, because while rewarding the most talented players by increasing the variety of techniques in their arsenal, superguises are also a hand in the wheel for novices.

The duplicereja creates up to four clones of your character so you can taste the co-op experience, even when your friends are not available. The experience of controlling your own Princess Peach squad is remembered. It is a pity that cherries appear in very few stages.

Completing the main adventure shouldn’t take more than six hours, but if, like me, you fall in love with the game in the process, Super Mario 3D World has enough content to keep you busy for days exploring all the secrets of the game. its brilliant stages.

The game is entirely in Portuguese from Portugal which is an improvement.

Mario’s future

In addition to the dedicated experience on Wii U, this new version takes advantage of the features of Super Mario 3D World to create a whole new experience – Bowser’s Fury. And it is in the excellence of this expansion that the flaws of the original game are evident.

As the title suggests, Bowser was consumed with hatred for another Mario defeat and it turned him into a dark, gigantic monster that looks a lot like Godzilla. It’s completely out of control, corrupting an entire dimension. Desperate, her little puppy, Bowser Jr., was forced to seek Mario’s help.

To light Bowser’s path, Mario must accumulate dozens of feline suns that will activate lighthouses scattered across a timid open world map. You can get such Suns in a number of ways: by defeating mini-bosses, collecting coins in a limited time, or simply reaching the top of small islands.

Mario and Bowser Jr. must prevent this world from being corrupted by hate

Bowser’s Fury brings several improvements in the gameplay, such as the abolition of the life system, which makes the experience more enjoyable than Super Mario 3D World. Also, this expansion was very smart to adapt the phases that worked in the original and tie them together organically in a single map. The construction of the game is very elegant. Each island functions as a level with five different ways to obtain new suns, encouraging players to explore everything at their own pace.

Fire in the eyes

The exploration is reminiscent of the plumber’s recent success on the same console – Super Mario Odyssey – but close examination shows that Bowser Fury’s true intention is to masterfully implement whatever Super Mario Sunshine failed to achieve in 2002.

Mario vs. Bowser or is it Kong vs. Godzilla?

Exploring the Corrupted Isles of Bowser Fury arouses a bittersweet feeling. While on the one hand the gameplay shines like never before in a scenario where exploration invokes freedom, the reduced duration of the game leaves a bitter taste of playing an expansion that should have become a complete project.

Even for a few hours, this is one of those games that completely captures your attention, especially when the fears of the dreaded King Koopa strike. Making the villain a constant threat was a genius of the producers. When he gets angry, the game completely changes from a pleasant ride to an escape to survive.

Facing Bowser as a gigantic, deified version of Mario Felino, while not very difficult, brings an epic feel to the adventure. It’s a real monster clash, which could have been better explored, but it’s already satisfying by the magnificence of the setting.

You can create the craziest scenarios with stamps

Better with friends

Finally, we must salute the incredible work of adapting the unique features of the Wii U for this definitive version of the Nintendo Switch. Part of the charm of Super Mario 3D World was collecting stamps to use at the end of Miiverse – a social network exclusive to Wii U.

Keeping the social essence of the game alive, Nintendo decided to include a photo mode. At any time, you can pause the action to decorate the stage with collectable stamps and take a nice photo for Twitter.

The positioning of the pads on the stage, and anything that uses the touchscreen, can also be done directly by a pointer that uses the controls gyroscope. It is possible to interact with various elements of the decor, superficially reminiscent of the Super Mario Galaxy experience on the Wii. Learning how to use the scenario to your advantage is helpful in the more difficult stages, especially in online mode.

Playing with friends has never been easier with the addition of online mode. Especially at this time when it is not possible to physically assemble, the ability to play from a distance is convenient and has been implemented in a surprisingly efficient way. The experience is smooth most of the time, depending mainly on the stability of the connection of the two parties.

The only thing that was left to be desired was the absence of in-game chat. You can only chat using an external app on your smartphone.

They say cats have seven lives and this is proven in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. An incredible game, which could have died in oblivion with the Wii U, but which has taken on new life on the Nintendo Switch. Finally, being able to play with your friends wherever you are makes this experience even better. In this era when social games are becoming more and more popular, there is no better time to become a Super Mario fan.

The perfect game to have fun with friends!

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