Former UFC fighter Tommy Hayden made a convincing statement about his future in Asian MMA with a convincing win over Filipino Arben Escayo at Full Metal Dojo 10: To Live and Die in Bangkok.

In front of a sell-out crown, Hayden, a Bangkok resident made full use of the global MMA rule set using brutal knees to his grounded opponent, and a barrage of 12-to-6 elbows that forced a first round TKO. Hayden clearly enjoyed being back in the cage in a calm and confident performance, and will be looking for more high-profile opponents soon.

The 10-fight card featured some spectacular action, with multiple come-from-behind wins amongst the KOs and submissions.

Fighters from Thailand, Cambodia USA and the Philippines shone, in a night of upsets and underdog victories.

Jon Nutt, Full Metal Dojo founder, said despite being a small team, FMD is growing fast.

“We sold out. It was all-around the most successful show we have ever had, and allows me to start making more moves on bigger deals. Which is awesome.

“As an MMA event, it’s easily the most fun on the planet thanks to the beautiful people of Bangkok and our loyal FMD Fans.

FMD Bantamweight Champion, Kritsada “Dream Man” Kongsrichai put in another confident winning performance his co-main flyweight bout against Pakorn “The Body” lsarat.

The Thailand Wrestling Team stand-out is normally famed for his suplexes and throws, but decided to show off his muay Thai with some slick combinations, before moving to the floor for the submission, cementing his place as one of Thailand’s top mixed martial artists.

One of Cambodia’s top emerging talents, Thai Rithy put on a sensational performance against Veerayut “Yut” Uttapan, one of Thailand’s most well-rounded MMA fighters. The Cambodian’s constant aggression and versatility won through, with multiple soccer kicks and a dramatic standing arm-bar attempt. The Thai fighter eventually wilted under a barrage of mounted elbows at the end of the first round, both fighters lying exhausted on the canvas.

In possibly the biggest upset of the night, decorated former Ratchadamnoen Champion, Thirayut “Top” Khaorat, (now 1-1, with over 250 muay Thai fights), was unable to get a quick finish with his stand-up skills against Dindo Camansa (1-4), and found himself in trouble on the ground, soon submitting to a slick armbar from the Filippino, perfectly illustrating the need for a well-rounded game in Mixed Martial Arts.

Tanawat “Moo” Ratchinnarit ” eventually defeated Sarayut “Ness” Kurubvong” by TKO (Submission to Strikes) in round two, after a vicious to-and-fro war of attrition, the two young fighters displaying tremendous heart throughout.

American Javier Trujillo from Bangkok’s Fighting Spirit Gym made a strong statement in his pro debut, coming out on top with an extremely aggressive and well-executed attack on Dutchman Malik Cache, with impressive wrestling and ground-and-pound, before submitting him with a rear naked choke.

Popular fan favourite, Detchadin “Phetsingkorn” Sornsirisuphathin from Bangkok’s muay Chaiya Barn Kru Preang and Bangkok Fight Lab gyms, put on another memorable show for the crowds in his fifth appearance at FMD. He put his unorthodox muay Thai on show, but took as many blows as he was handing out on his feet. A deep cut above the eye brought the medics from Klouynumthai Hospital in to check. After getting the all-clear to continue, Phetsingkorn smartly went for a swift takedown and executed a slick submission over Phairin “Jomkwan” Sukkhamueang.

Another of the best fights of the night saw Yodkaikaew “Gott” Fairtex aka “Y2K” knock out Thanongsaklek “Top Noi” TigerMuayThai, after narrowly avoiding the same fate himself just moments earlier. The two young Thai fighters, both active muay Thai fighters, went all out displaying unparalleled stand-up skills. Top Noi looked to be on top when a lethal blow sent Y2K to the floor, but neither fighter could get the upper hand on the ground. Y2K managed to scramble to his fight before charging in with a KO blow to the head of Top Noi.

In FMD’s third ever women’s MMA bout, Tipsuta “Ann” Anoushian from AKA Thailand, Phuket, defeated Suwanan “Amp” Boonsorn with a slick armbar in an impressive MMA debut from the famed bodybuilder, as her coach and former UFC star Mike Swick watched on.

And fans were treated to an incredible opening fight of the night, as One Championship fighter, Cambodian Sim Bunsrun won a unanimous decision win after a 3-round epic with Weerayuth “Oak” Pinyoporn from ATT- UTCC MMA and Bangkok Fight Lab. The young Thai fighter showed great stand-up skills and heart, but couldn‘t find an answer to the Cambodian’s constant takedowns and wrestling prowess.

FMD 10: Official Results

Tommy Hayden def. Arben Escayo
TKO (Elbows)

Kritsada Kongsrichai def. Pakorn lsarat
Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Thai Rithy def. Veerayut “Yut” Uttapan
TKO (Elbows)

Dindo Camansa def. Thirayut “Top” Khaorat
Submission (Armbar)

Tanawat “Moo” Ratchinnarit def. Sarayut “Ness” Kurubvong
TKO (Submission to Strikes)

Javier Trujillo def. Malik Cache
Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Detchadin Sornsirisuphathin def. Phairin Sukkhamueang
Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Yodkaikaew “Gott” def. Thanongsaklek “Top Noi”
KO (Punch)

Tipsuta “Ann” Anoushian def. Suwanan “Amp” Boonsorn
Submission (Armbar)

Sim Bunsrun def. Weerayuth “Oak” Pinyoporn
Unanimous Decision