Singapore Fighting Championship returned to the Foochow Association on 8 April for SFC 5: Combat Redefined, where Muhammad Ridhwan made history to become Singapore’s first professional WBA Asia Super Featherweight Champion.

Ridhwan needed just 2 minutes 29 seconds into the second round to finish Indonesia’s number 1 ranked featherweight Waldo Sabu via TKO to claim to Super Featherweight title.

The opening round saw the opponents exchange a flurry of blows with Waldo’s exuberant style contrasting with Ridhwan’s methodical approach.



“I am honoured by this win and I’m happy I had the opportunity to go up against such an experienced fighter like Waldo,” Ridhwan, a former three-time SEA Games medallist, said after his historic win.

“He did not back down during the two rounds, but I knew that I did not want to leave the ring without that belt. I will continue to bring pride to my gym and to Singapore.”

“To say I’m proud of Ridhwan is an understatement,” said Arvind Lalwani, president of Singapore FC.

“I am a witness to how hard he has worked for his dream and the mindset he has to not stop until he has achieved it.”

In the co-main event of the night, Singapore’s Gary Tang took on Malaysia’s Eddy Kalai in an intense pro MMA fight.

Tang, a former wrestler with Singapore’s National Wrestling Squad, proved too much for his Malaysian opponent and with 2 minutes 33 seconds into the first round, finishing Kalai with a crushing shoulder lock.

Part of SFC’s line up also included WAKO K1 kickboxing matches. In what was one of the most exciting matches of the night, Muhammad Ashiq took on Garrett Koh for 3 rounds which saw Ashiq emerging victorious by unanimous decision.