Comics confirm problem generated by Iceman’s powers

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Comic book heroes have a wide variety of powers, some more destructive than others. Even the coolest looking and least annoying ones can still end up causing issues, as was revealed to be the case with Iceman (via ScreenRant).

Bobby Drake has come a long way since his introduction as one of the first X-Men, learning to use his powers creatively and becoming very good with them. Iceman was even considered an Omega-level mutant because of it, demonstrating just how powerful Bobby has become. Despite this, freezing enemies and building ice ramps to move faster, while very effective in times of conflict and battles, ends up causing problems later, as was pointed out in the Marauders series.

Volume 18 of the Gerry Duggan, Stefano Caselli, Matteo Lolli and Edgar Delgado series takes place in a small nation called Madripoor, an island where an anti-mutant group known as Homines Verendi is trying to buy land from already extremely poor citizens. In a bid to help the people of Madripoor and put an end to the group’s plans, the mutants of Krakoa get involved, deciding to buy the island themselves.

The group begins to aid the citizens, but this soon leads Homines Verendi to retaliate, and the two groups fight a battle where the Ice Man, Bishop, and Pyro face off against genetically-enhanced soldiers called Reavers. As conflict ensues, Bishop finds that several media teams were nearby, realizing that they had fallen into a Verendi trap to damage the reputation of the mutants.

The end of volume 18 shows a meeting of the United Nations, where Madripoor Ambassador and Homines Verendi member Donald Pierce argues that the mutants were trying to destabilize their country’s economy, in addition to preventing the government from make improvements in the outlying parts of the island, which is teeming with crime. In an effort to leave no doubt as to the guilt of the mutants, Pierce then states that “Madripoor doesn’t have any ice strippers, of course. They will have to throw tons of ice into the harbor with their hands. Directly implying that the powers of the Ice Man have caused great inconvenience to the people of the island.

Donald Pierce presenting his complaints about the Ice Man to the United Nations.

While the commentary is brief, it draws attention to an issue that must be fairly common when it comes to Ice Man battles, which is all the ice that is left after, and to which the population and leaders must. to face. While some cities have de-icers, which are equipment designed to deal with snow in places where the weather is cooler at certain times of the year, it’s always extra work that remains after Bobby uses his powers.

The conflict may have been intentionally created by Homines Verendi, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Ice Man’s powers leave a big mess to clean up later, something which in this case became the problem of a poor population with few means of survival. . It seems that in addition to controlling his powers and doing amazing things with ice, Bobby will also have to learn how to undo it if he doesn’t want to cause trouble for ordinary citizens.

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