Cobra Kai announces cast changes for season four

Continuing the legacy of the Karate Kid, the Cobra Kai series became an instant hit when it hit Netflix. For the fourth season, Variety has announced some significant changes to the current cast.

The main change comes from actresses Vanessa Rubio, known for The Dark World of Sabrina, and Peyton List, from the Jessie series.

Both will have deserved importance in the new season, thanks to the drama experienced by Miguel Diaz (Xolo MaridueƱa). The young fighter has fallen in favor of fans in recent seasons and it looks like his mother Carmen Diaz, played by Rubio, will gain more and more space in the plot.

Carmen Diaz will grow even more in the series

Tory Nichols, the tough Cobra Kai fighter played by List, will also play a bigger role.

In addition to the veternas, the series will include two additions to the youngest team to fight. The first is the young Dallas Young (The Good Place), confirmed as Kenny – a boy who suffers a lot of problems and seeks in combat a way to defend himself.

Oona O’Brien (who is part of Escola de Rock) will be a competitive and explosive new karate student with a lot of potential.

Oona O’Brien and Dallas Young join the cast.

The fourth season promises to be a period of renewal for the series and is not expected to debut until early 2022.

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