Christopher Nolan Shouldn’t Direct Next Warner Bros. Movie

Director Christopher Nolan has had a nearly two-decade partnership with Warner Bros., one of Hollywood’s most traditional film studios. However, according to a new report, he might not be directing an upcoming Warner movie.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nolan will look elsewhere for his film, as he was extremely disappointed with Warner’s decision to simultaneously release his 2021 schedule on HBO Max in theaters.

You can read an excerpt from the translated article below:

“After spending years as director of Warner Bros., Christopher Nolan, who wrote and directed Tenet last year, is unlikely to return to the studio with his next project, in part because he was disappointed. by the studio’s hybrid distribution strategy for 2021., according to sources familiar with the matter. “

‘Tenet’ was one of the few theatrical releases of 2020

Over the past year, Christopher Nolan and Warner have been the subject of much controversy in the film industry. The director lobbied the studio to launch Tenet in theaters to ‘save’ theaters after months shut down – resulting in a troubled exit for what would likely be one of Warner’s safest bets for 2020.

Tenet’s studio, in turn, surprised everyone by announcing that Wonder Woman 1984 and the other 2021 releases would arrive on HBO Max the same day they hit theaters. This was enough to cause a lot of discomfort in Hollywood, with Nolan even publicly claiming that HBO Max was “the worst streaming service” on the market, a view “supported” by others in the industry, who were not. no longer satisfied with the news.

Anyway, if Christopher Nolan really leaves Warner, we know that it won’t be difficult for him to find a new home, after all, Nolan had been shown to be one of the few directors who did not attract the box. -office that with its name, features like Batman: Dark Knight resurfaces, The Origin and Interstellar have proven the filmmaker’s money-making power over the past decade.

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