Chris Evans, Captain America, says what other MCU character he’d like to play

Chris Evans played one of Marvel’s most iconic characters, Captain America, for nearly a decade. However, if he could play another hero from that same universe, who would he choose? It was a real question that arose during the actor’s participation in ACE Universe live.

During the interview, Chris Evans received the following question from Twitter: “If you could switch roles with someone else in the Marvel Universe, who would it be and why?”

His response, you can see below:

“I’ll say Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man… the pay is great. Not just for that, of course, but because he’s a super fun character. Evans joked. “This role is the engine, it is life. But I guess it’s kind of a sign-up for failure. I don’t think anyone on this planet can do better than Downey in this role. I don’t see this as a role that will look like a James Bond or Superman or Batman that the others will have a part of. He’s just Iron Man, and that’s it.

Robert Downey Jr. was Hollywood’s highest-paid actor during his Iron Man years

You certainly can’t disagree with Chris Evans. Robert Downey Jr. has left his mark as Tony Stark in several MCU movies, being the last Avengers: Ultimatum in 2019.

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