Chinese poster shows titans fighting underwater

A new poster of Godzilla vs. Kong, launched in the Chinese market, shows the two creatures engaged in an underwater battle. The feature film, which hits theaters and on HBO Max in March, promises to be the meeting point of two great pop culture entities.

The Chinese poster for Godzilla vs. Kong decided to put the monsters submerged in the sea by exchanging violent blows. Above them, on the surface, you can see a platform and ships on fire. Check:

Chinese poster of Godzilla vs. Kong

If the poster is any indication of the movie’s plot, Godzilla and Kong will face off underwater in a sequence with aircraft carriers. Such a scene would certainly be beautiful to watch, and we don’t fail to wait!

Godzilla vs. Kong is set to open in Brazilian theaters on March 25. In the US, the film premieres March 31 on HBO Max and in theaters.

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