Charlie Cox finished filming scenes like Daredevil, website says

A new rumor about Charlie Cox’s involvement in Spider-Man 3 has emerged, and apparently the Daredevil performer will not only be in the movie, but he also shot his scenes.

The new rumor comes from the comics, which says production-related sources have finished filming scenes for Matt Murdock, the Daredevil, for the third Spider-Man film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s still unclear if this version of the hero will be the same seen in the Netflix series, or another version of the character from the Multiverse.

Charlie Cox played The Man Without Fear in all three seasons of Daredevil and the Defenders event series. Since the series was canceled by Netflix, many fans have been eager to see the hero enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and if the news of the Spider-Man 3 casting hero confirms, we may soon know more. characters from the television franchise, such as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

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