Characters can make their live-action MCU debut, according to website

According to The Disinsider, the MCU will bring a rather unexpected addition: Operation Big Hero. The Disney animation, which won the Oscar in 2015, is expected to win its live-action adaptation very soon, but further details have not been released.

According to sources on the website, some of the team’s characters could appear in Secret Invasion, Doctor Strange 2, or even a future series of Atlas Agents, which would star Jimmy Woo (WandaVision). It’s not clear if all of the heroes will be making their live debuts, but Disinsider says Baymax and Hero should appear.

It should be remembered that the animated film Operation Big Hero was an adaptation of the Marvel comics, written by Scott Lobdell and with the arts of Gus Vasquez. This was one of the reasons Stan Lee made one of his famous cameos in animation, being the father of one of the protagonists.

Stan Lee in Operation Big Hero

So far, no information has been confirmed and as you can see there is no concrete evidence that this will actually happen. For this reason, it is important to consider that this is just a rumor. It’s important to mention, however, that on other occasions, the Disinsider has managed to provide accurate information about the Disney universe.

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