Celebrating 25 years of the franchise will have Katy Perry and more

The Pokémon franchise has been a part of the lives of many for years, spanning media and generations. This year, Pokémon turns 25, and the franchise’s official YouTube channel posted a video to kick off the celebration of this important anniversary. The celebration brought not only a visit to the past, but also announcements for the future, including a partnership with singer Katy Perry.

25 Years of Memories revisits the history of the franchise, including games, toys and anime in a two-minute video, which the channel posted with the dedication: “This one goes to everyone who started it. by catching Pokémon … but ended up catching feelings instead. 😉 ”At the end of the video, however, a recording of Katy Perry for the franchise is revealed, announcing the singer’s collaboration.

While few details have been released, Katy Perry will be part of a Pokémon collaboration with Universal Music Group called P25 Music, which is expected to have surprise releases throughout the year. Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary website says Perry won’t be the only artist on the project, which will feature “partnerships with some of the biggest names in music.”

The singer seemed very excited about her participation, as she exclusively told People magazine:

“I like to be a part of anything that’s fun, that has good stories, and that sends good messages to the world. Now that I have a daughter, I understand that playing is very important. It is a permanent extension of who I am. “

Katy Perry also commented that her favorite Pokémon is Pikachu, and said that she is very fond of him even though she knows there are other Pokémon in the games.

Also as part of the 25-year celebration, the Pokémon Company launched a new logo, which includes all of the franchise’s initial Pokémon and, of course, Pikachu. You can see that each group of initials is involved in something that was introduced to the franchise in their respective generation: while first generation pokémons have a pokédex, Galar pokémons curate, Unova pokémons have clothes and props and those of Johto is around an egg (

In addition to the new logo and the music project, the Pokémon company promises many projects throughout the year, including collaborations with Build-A-Bear, Levi’s, McDonalds, Mattel, Funko, among others. On the official celebration website, the Pokémon company also promised to revisit all regions of the franchise, starting with Galar in March. Finally, the company said there are more anniversary-related events planned for the year in connection with Pokémon anime, video games, and mobile games.

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